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Throughout Nationwide Dental Hygiene Month each October, we salute our superb hygienists whereas elevating consciousness in regards to the significance of preserving our tooth and gums wholesome. You could have heard a time period or two throughout your hygiene go to and puzzled what it meant. Gingivitis? Periodontitis? Pocket depth? What do these really imply? We’ve coated a couple of widespread hygiene phrases that will help you brush up in your oral well being data!


Tooth enamel is the protecting coating on the floor of your tooth. It’s the hardest substance within the human physique! Enamel protects the within of your tooth, the place nerves, blood vessels, and specialised cells and tissues present vitamins in your tooth. Many issues can hurt your tooth enamel and trigger decay, together with sugary meals, dry mouth, tooth grinding and sure medicines. As soon as your enamel is broken, it can’t develop again. Brushing recurrently with an electrical toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste may help shield it. 


Demineralization means your tooth are shedding mineral content material and your enamel is weakening. It is step one earlier than the tooth begins to decay and cavities kind. Tooth with low mineral content material could really feel rougher, have white or brown spots, or develop into delicate. Utilizing fluoride helps to cease the method of demineralization and will increase the mineral content material of your tooth. 


Dental erosion is the lack of the enamel attributable to acids you eat or drink, or acids arising out of your abdomen, as within the case of acid reflux disorder illness. Rinsing your mouth after consuming acidic meals or drinks, ingesting water and utilizing a fluoride toothpaste may help handle tooth erosion and forestall additional enamel loss. 


Tooth decay implies that the enamel on the floor of your tooth has been broken. The decay occurs when dangerous micro organism accumulate in your mouth and make acids that assault your enamel. With repeated publicity, the acids may cause a gap, or cavity, in your tooth. A cavity is everlasting injury to your tooth, however will be  repaired with a filling. Extra extreme cavities could require a root canal or crown.


When micro organism accumulate in your tooth, they kind a layer, or biofilm, generally known as plaque. Plaque likes to make its dwelling round your gum line and, left untreated, may cause your gums to drag away out of your tooth, the place extra micro organism can accumulate. 

Pocket depth

You could have heard your hygienist name out a collection of numbers whereas analyzing your gums. What they’re doing is measuring the pocket depth, which is the house between the gum and the tooth. To do that, your hygienist makes use of a dental probe that appears like a ruler. Measurements over 4 millimeters point out some type of gum illness. 


Gingivitis is a gentle type of gum illness. Gingivitis is marked by crimson, swollen gums with bleeding. At this stage, gum illness remains to be reversible. Twice-daily brushing and flossing, together with twice-yearly skilled dental cleanings, can nip the issue within the bud. In case you have gingivitis, your hygienist could advocate particular objects you should utilize at dwelling, equivalent to electrical toothbrushes, water flossers and mouth rinses.

Periodontitis (or periodontal illness) 

That is the extra extreme type of gum illness. At this stage, it’s not reversible. Periodontitis means deep pockets have fashioned at your gum line the place thick plaque deposits and micro organism are accumulating, inflicting bone loss and irritation all through your physique. Whereas periodontitis can’t be reversed, correct therapy may help get the an infection below management so it doesn’t worsen.

Periodontal upkeep

It is a particular kind of cleansing that helps hold periodontal illness below management. As a result of the aggressive micro organism concerned in periodontal illness colonize shortly, ongoing remedy each three months is important to assist cease the development of the illness. An ultrasonic instrument is used to softly take away deposits and micro organism below the gums and on the base of the deep pockets which have fashioned, the place common brushing can’t attain.

Bear in mind, your hygienist is your companion in oral well being care! In the event you ever hear a phrase or phrase that you simply don’t fairly perceive, simply ask. And don’t overlook to schedule your subsequent hygiene appointment!


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