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You’ve been prescribed a brand new treatment by your physician. . . might it probably have an effect on your oral well being? It’s widespread for drugs to trigger unintended effects throughout the physique — together with the mouth. These unintended effects can result in a rise in your probability of creating tooth decay, making it a precedence to remain educated on which drugs might put you at larger threat. 

Frequent Oral Facet Results of Medicines 

There are a number of widespread oral unintended effects that you could be end up experiencing while you begin a brand new treatment. These can embrace: 

  • Dry mouth: Some drugs could cause a change within the quantity of saliva your mouth produces. Saliva helps maintain meals from gathering round your enamel and neutralizes the acids produced by plaque. If you endure from dry mouth, this may improve your threat of creating cavities. Many generally used drugs are placing you at a better threat of experiencing tooth decay. These drugs can embrace antihistamines, antihypertensives, antidepressants, stimulants, benzodiazepines, and extra. 
  • Oral thrush: This an infection could cause soreness or redness, lesions on the tongue, and ache whereas consuming or swallowing. That is commonest when taking sure drugs via an inhaler, so it’s vital to rinse your mouth out when you’ve used it. 
  • Metallic style: Sure drugs — together with antibiotics, blood stress drugs, diabetes treatment, and extra — could cause a metallic style in your mouth. This is because of the truth that your physique absorbs the drugs and it then comes out within the saliva. This symptom can also be prevalent in those that are affected by dry mouth. 

Discussing Medicines with Your Dentist 

Whereas it’s vital to speak to your physician when unintended effects like these start to occur, it’s additionally simply as vital to speak to your dentist or hygienist. Making them conscious of the drugs you take and the unintended effects you might be experiencing can enable them to be proactive in stopping potential cavities or different oral issues from forming. 

If in case you have any questions relating to drugs and your oral well being, don’t hesitate to name your dentist and relay your considerations to them! They’re right here to assist maintain your smile wholesome.


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