I would like a filling – what varieties are there?

There are a variety of various fillings, together with:

What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are silver colored. They’re made by combining mercury and a silver alloy (50% mercury, 35% silver, and 15% tin, copper and different metals). Amalgam is lengthy lasting and exhausting carrying and has been utilized in fillings for no less than 150 years. It’s economical to make use of and it’s not uncommon for an amalgam filling to final 15 to twenty years.

This sort of filling is normally used on the again ‘chewing’ tooth. Earlier than the filling may be positioned, the dentist should put together the realm by eradicating all of the decay and shaping the cavity to carry the filling in place. If the tooth is badly damaged, your dentist may have to position a small stainless-steel pin to assist safe the filling.

Are there any dangers from amalgam fillings?

The mercury in dental amalgam isn’t toxic as soon as it’s mixed with the opposite supplies within the filling. Its chemical nature adjustments in order that it’s innocent.

Analysis into the security of dental amalgam has been carried out for over 100 years. To date, no respected ‘managed’ research have discovered a connection between amalgam fillings and any medical downside.

Nevertheless, you won’t be able to have any new amalgam fillings while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. When you’ve got any kids below 15 years previous, or who’ve child tooth that want filling, they’re unable to have amalgam fillings both. speak to your dentist about having a distinct sort of filling in case you are uncertain.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are sturdy, however will not be as exhausting carrying as amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are tooth colored and are comprised of powdered glass quartz, silica or different ceramic particles added to a resin base. After the tooth is ready, the filling is bonded onto the realm and a lightweight shone onto it to set it. The dentist will select a shade to match your personal tooth, though over time staining can occur.

What are glass ionomer fillings?

Glass ionomer fillings type a chemical hyperlink with the tooth. They could additionally launch fluoride, which helps to stop additional tooth decay. This kind of filling is pretty weak. Due to this, they’re normally solely used on child tooth and ‘non-biting’ surfaces reminiscent of across the ‘necks’ of the tooth. Little preparation is required because the filling bonds on to the tooth.

What are gold inlays and onlays?

These can be utilized in most areas of the mouth. An inlay is small and positioned inside the biting floor of the tooth. An onlay can cowl a bigger space of the tooth. Gold is essentially the most long-lasting and hard-wearing filling materials and can final for a few years. A bonus of gold is that it doesn’t tarnish and has nice energy.

One of many variations between gold and different filling supplies is that the gold filling is made in a laboratory. Your dental crew will normally take an impression of the ready cavity and ship it to the laboratory for the technician to make the inlay or onlay. Within the meantime, a brief filling might be positioned within the cavity. After the gold inlay or onlay has been made, your dentist will repair it in place with dental cement. This kind of filling is costlier.

What are porcelain inlays?

Your dental crew can now use digital expertise (referred to as CADCAM) to design and put together completely fitted porcelain inlays in only one or two visits. Porcelain inlays may also be made in a laboratory however this can want no less than two visits to your dentist. Porcelain may be exhausting carrying and lengthy lasting. It may also be colored to match your pure tooth. Once more, any such filling may be fairly costly.

The place can I get extra info?

Your dental crew will advise you on what sort of filling materials is suited to your scenario. Speak to them if you want a specific sort of filling materials reminiscent of tooth-coloured fillings.

All the time ask for a remedy plan and a written estimate earlier than beginning any remedy.

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