What’s a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth is a tooth that has develop into damaged.

Do all tooth crack in the identical manner?

No. Tooth can crack in a number of alternative ways:

Cracked tooth

That is when a crack runs from the biting floor of the tooth down in direction of the foundation. Typically it goes beneath the gum line and into the foundation. A cracked tooth shouldn’t be break up into two components however the smooth, inside tissue of the tooth is often broken.

Craze traces

These are tiny cracks that have an effect on solely the outer enamel of the tooth. They’re widespread in all grownup tooth and trigger no ache. Craze traces want no therapy.

Cracked cusp

The cusp is the pointed a part of the biting floor of the tooth. If a cusp turns into broken, the tooth could break. You’ll often get a pointy ache in that tooth when biting.

Cut up tooth

That is typically the results of an untreated cracked tooth. The tooth splits into two components. Vertical root fractures are cracks that begin within the root and go up in direction of the biting floor.

Why do tooth crack?

Many issues could cause tooth to crack, akin to:

  • Excessive tooth grinding, which might put the tooth beneath monumental strain.
  • Giant fillings that weaken the tooth.
  • Chewing or biting on one thing arduous: for instance ice, boiled sweets, fruit stones or meat bones.
  • A blow to the chin or decrease jaw.
  • Gum illness, if there was bone loss. This might make the tooth extra more likely to undergo from root fractures.
  • Sudden adjustments in mouth temperature.

How can I inform if I’ve a cracked tooth?

The indicators might be troublesome to identify and the signs will range. It’s possible you’ll get ache every so often when you’re chewing, particularly while you launch the biting strain. Excessive temperatures, particularly chilly, could trigger discomfort. Or you could be delicate to sweetness, however with no indicators of decay. A small space of the gum close to the affected tooth could swell.

If the ache is extreme, take ache aid such as you would usually take for a headache. All the time test along with your physician or pharmacist if you’re taking another medicine.

Why do not cracks present up on a dental x-ray?

Sadly, dental x-rays generally do not present up the cracked tooth. It is because the x-ray beam have to be parallel to the crack earlier than it could actually penetrate it.

Nevertheless, generally different indicators of a crack could present up. With a vertical root fracture, if the crack has been there lengthy sufficient, vertical bone loss close to to the foundation might be seen. Your dentist could use a vivid mild or a magnifying glass to seek out the crack. They might additionally use a particular dye to comply with the course of the crack.

Will I have to have therapy?

Sure. You will need to get recommendation as quickly as potential to assist the therapy be more practical. If they don’t seem to be handled, cracked tooth can result in the dying of the nerve, and an abscess may develop. The tooth may wish root canal therapy and even taking out. In extreme instances the tooth can truly break up in two. If this occurs your dentist won’t be able to save lots of the tooth and it’ll should be taken out.

Will I lose my tooth?

In some instances the tooth could should be taken out, however not at all times. So you will need to get recommendation as quickly as potential.

How are cracked tooth mounted?

The kind of therapy depends upon the quantity of harm to the tooth. Ask your dental staff what’s the finest therapy for you:


That is when a plastic resin is used to fill the crack. It could simply restore a small chip off the biting fringe of the tooth. Bonding can restore the form of the tooth.

Beauty contouring

That is accomplished when the chip could be very small. The tough edges of the tooth are rounded and polished to mix away the crack.


These are splendid when there’s nonetheless a good quantity of tooth remaining, as a result of they’re lengthy lasting and wish the least quantity of tooth eradicating first. A veneer is a skinny layer of porcelain or plastic materials made to suit over the entrance floor of the tooth. Click on right here for extra details about veneers.


These are used for a tooth that isn’t appropriate for a veneer. A crown matches over what’s left of the tooth, making it robust and giving it the looks of a pure tooth. If the nerve has been broken and turns into contaminated you could have to have root canal therapy first. This includes eradicating all an infection from the foundation canal. The basis is then cleaned and crammed to stop any additional infections. The tooth would then be fitted with a crown to present it additional help. Click on right here for extra details about crowns.

After therapy for a cracked tooth, will my tooth fully heal?

Not like damaged bones, the crack in a tooth won’t ever heal fully. After therapy, a crack could worsen and you may nonetheless lose the tooth. It’s nonetheless vital that you just get therapy, as a result of most cracked tooth can work usually for years after therapy. Your dental staff will be capable of inform you extra about your explicit drawback and suggest a therapy.

Can I cease my tooth cracking?

Not altogether, however there are some precautions you’ll be able to take:

  • Put on a mouthguard: In case you grind your tooth at night time, have a night-guard made to guard your tooth. In case you play sports activities, put on a custom-made mouthguard.
  • Keep away from biting or chewing on arduous objects.

How a lot will my therapy value?

The fee will range relying on what therapy you want. There could also be additional prices if there are issues and also you want extra therapy. Ask your dental staff for a therapy plan and a written estimate earlier than you begin therapy.

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