Enhance Testosterone Ranges Naturally: Biohacking Males’s Well being


Platelet-rich plasma injections into my crotch? Performed.

Stem cell injections immediately into my schlong? Yep.

Acoustic sound wave remedy? A number of occasions.

Totally nude pink gentle remedy, the notorious “gasoline station dick drugs,” lowered ejaculation frequency, tantric intercourse, reverse orgasms, and a elaborate digital penis pump? Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, and sure.

A number of years in the past, Males’s Well being despatched me on a worldwide expedition to experiment with and report on all the things a person might do to extend testosterone, dimension, orgasm high quality, drive, and a number of different manhood-related parameters (you may learn all about this whirlwind journey right here).

When writing this text, I found a couple of fascinating info. For instance, most testosterone-boosting drugs you should buy on-line or at your native Walgreens, CVS, or pharmacy are comprised of stunning quantities of ephedra, caffeine, and sildenafil (the lively ingredient in Viagra) — primarily making them the equal of a number of cups of espresso and a pharmaceutical medicine that have to be closely processed by your liver (admittedly, in addition they labored like gangbusters whereas making me really feel as if my coronary heart was going to blow up).

Or this: it truly is doable to dramatically improve the scale of 1’s genitalia, if that is your factor. However it’s costly and requires nerve blocks, needles, and awkward moments with legs splayed in entrance of the doctor and their crew.

You possibly can even study some fairly nifty bed room tips inside just some weeks that may maintain you going for fairly a while and supply a pleasure fee that I’d rank as comparatively excessive in comparison with simply “plain ol’ intercourse.”(For extra juicy data on turning up the warmth, try this podcast with intercourse and relationship specialist, Susan Bratton.)

Since writing that unique Males’s Well being article, I’ve extensively studied peptide science for hormone well being, interviewed testosterone and peptide professional Jay Campbell a number of occasions (catch these interviews right here, right here, and right here), and commenced researching and modifying Boundless 2.0, through which I unearth a wealth of latest data and insights on confirmed habits, meals, workouts, exercises, vitamins, and instruments to spice up testosterone.

Consequently, I’ve found some new biohacks for testosterone and sexual efficiency that may assist supercharge your manhood and revitalize your bed room recreation.

However earlier than leaping in, permit me to hearken again to my article, “The Final Information To Biohacking Your Testosterone: 17 Methods To Maximize Muscle-Constructing, Drive & Anti-Ageing,” the place I dished out this warning:

“Biohacking testosterone (AKA “T”) has been a scorching subject the previous few years. Er, many years. Er, centuries. Maybe know-how and social media have simply made what women and men have probably pursued for the reason that daybreak of time only a bit extra in our faces.

Simply take a look at it: YouTube is filled with T-optimizing movies and channels, iTunes has total podcasts dedicated to drive and testosterone, broscience boards are chock filled with T recommendation from across the planet, there are total T-boosting web sites jam-packed with linkbait and adverts and…

…don’t even get me began on complement firms, who largely supply low cost herbs from Asia, shove them right into a bottle, and produce a really, very attractive web site designed to get you to empty your pockets to pop some magical T-boosting tablet.

And yeah, you will discover loads of analysis articles on optimizing T and even a bunch of books and e-books have been launched. I’ve learn and studied all of them and past. Actually: I’m a consummate geek. I spend my total day learning, studying, researching, writing, tinkering, and experimenting.

And these apparently promising dietary supplements, drugs, and tips sound good, however merely don’t work. Yep… they don’t work, or they increase your T so miniscule-ingly low that you just’re spending tons of of your hard-earned {dollars} on just about next-to-nothing with regards to an precise important enhance. You’ll be shocked on the quantity of bloodwork I see that reveals me women and men who’re doing all the things they learn on the web to spice up testosterone with barely a bump in whole or free ranges of this hormone.”

In different phrases, any time you dive into an article or hearken to recommendation on testosterone boosting, please proceed with warning. If doable, quantify your outcomes with self-testing utilizing blood or urine (the latter being the gold normal for a radical hormone analysis), and train warning, particularly with dietary supplements and herbs.

The Fundamentals: Notoriously Lacking Vitamins That Drastically Have an effect on Testosterone Ranges

Let’s start with the fundamentals — no fringe, hard-to-find Amazonian superfoods right here — however relatively easy dietary supplements you may seek out nearly wherever. A giant credit score to the parents from the Study Analysis Digest for doing the analysis on the next vitamins, which even have rigorous scientific analysis behind them on each security and efficacy for reinforcing testosterone and/or sexual efficiency. On the finish of this text, I will embody a couple of useful hyperlinks for these dietary supplements and the variations that I exploit.

1. Magnesium

Supplementing magnesium might help normalize testosterone ranges. A food plan comprising magnesium-rich meals (equivalent to fish, nuts, beans, and inexperienced leafy greens) renders supplementation pointless, a minimum of for testosterone normalization, nevertheless, hard-charging athletes or heavy sweaters might have further magnesium.

The usual dose is 200mg of elemental magnesium as soon as a day, although I exploit as much as 500mg per day, usually taken within the night as a result of magnesium can have a sedative impact. Keep away from taking calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc, since excessive quantities of those minerals will compete for absorption.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has lengthy been researched within the context of male fertility. Vitamin D receptors will be present in sperm cells, and vitamin D may play a task within the manufacturing of steroid hormones. Vitamin D deficiency is frequent, particularly in folks whose publicity to daylight (with out garments or sunscreen) is restricted.

The darker your pores and skin, the longer you want to expose your self to daylight to synthesize sufficient vitamin D.  Vitamin D will be synthesized by sunlit pores and skin (7-dehydrocholesterol) or ingested (D2 and D3). It then travels to the liver, the place the liver converts vitamin D to its extra lively type: 25-hydroxyvitamin D. The kidneys then convert 25-hydroxyvitamin D into the very potent type of vitamin D known as calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D).thorn vitamin d

Ideally, take 2,000–3,000 IU (50–75mcg) of vitamin D3 with a meal containing fats, both year-round or solely in the course of the colder, darker months, if you end up least more likely to synthesize sufficient vitamin D from solar publicity. Doses greater than 3,000 IU could also be warranted in circumstances of extreme deficiency or non-response at decrease doses, as ascertained by a blood check. Remember the fact that 10,000 IU/day for 3 months has been proven to be poisonous, and likewise remember the fact that vitamin D ought to ideally be consumed together with vitamin K2.

Should you’re on the lookout for a couple of fast methods to spice up your vitamin D consumption, I like to recommend an absorbable type like cholecalciferol or, even higher, the calcifediol discovered within the complement d.velop. Moreover, my pal Kelly Starrett turned me onto this Sperti Vitamin D lamp that will get you very excessive doses of vitamin D with simply 5 minutes of publicity!

3. Zinc

Zinc is a crucial mineral for basic well being and is usually marketed as a testosterone booster. Much like magnesium, nevertheless, zinc supplementation can solely assist when low testosterone ranges are linked to a zinc deficiency. In case your physique has sufficient zinc, taking extra won’t profit you.

As a matter of truth, over time, excessive doses of zinc can irritate the gastrointestinal tract. They will additionally trigger a copper deficiency since zinc kickstarts the method of making metallothionein, a protein that binds zinc but additionally different metals, notably copper. The certain metals then go away the physique as waste merchandise. Even greater doses of zinc may harm the liver and kidneys.

Zinc necessities fluctuate based on food plan and stage of exercise. Sedentary individuals who don’t sweat a lot and eat sufficient meat won’t have to complement zinc in any respect, and will in any other case restrict themselves to 10–20 mg/day (15–25 mg/day for vegetarians and vegans). Athletes and different individuals who sweat loads (which ends up in zinc loss) can take 25–30 mg/day. Zinc ought to be taken with meals to forestall potential nausea. I keep away from extra zinc and get smaller quantities every day by taking a complete multivitamin by Thorne, which additionally provides me Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, boron, and some of the opposite fundamental vitamins you are studying about.


The hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) circulates all through the physique and will be known as to make different hormones, notably testosterone and estrogen. Supplemental DHEA can assist regular testosterone ranges; this impact is very dependable within the case of age-related low testosterone (use code Greenfield15 to save lots of 15% on DHEA from Quicksilver Scientific).

It is fairly easy: you simply take 25–50 mg of DHEA as soon as a day with a meal. Please be aware that if you happen to compete in any sports activities sanctioned by WADA, USADA, the NCAA, and many others., DHEA is banned to be used in competitors.

5. Creatine

Creatine is a molecule naturally produced within the physique (and will be present in some meals, largely meat, eggs, and fish). It shops high-energy phosphate teams within the type of phosphocreatine. Phosphocreatine releases vitality to assist mobile operate throughout stress, resulting in energy positive aspects from creatine supplementation and mind, bone, muscle, and liver advantages.kion creatine

While you complement with creatine, you are tapping right into a pure mechanism that your physique makes use of to supply hormones like testosterone and estrogen. This not solely helps you construct lean muscle and improve energy output (which is why loads of athletes use it) however it additionally gives neuroprotective and cardioprotective results.

Talking of hormones, creatine has been proven to play a task in influencing androgen ranges. Research have demonstrated that supplementing with creatine can result in a rise in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ranges and the DHT:testosterone ratio. For these hitting the gymnasium, combining creatine with a resistance coaching program can additional elevate testosterone ranges.

A examine in male novice swimmers additionally famous {that a} creatine loading part (20g every day for six days) was capable of improve testosterone ranges by round 15% relative to baseline. I don’t load with creatine however relatively — as a result of host of advantages from creatine — merely take 5g yr spherical, with no biking or loading phases. I’ve adopted this technique since my collegiate bodybuilding days — all you want is obvious outdated, budget-friendly creatine monohydrate… nothing too fancy. I presently solely use Kion Creatine — derived from Creapure, a micronized type of creatine monohydrate that’s colorless and odorless. This type of creatine has extremely enhanced solubility, so it mixes properly with water, juice, smoothies, or absolutely anything you toss it into.

6. Boron

Like magnesium and zinc, boron is a dietary mineral. Some research have additionally famous a rise in testosterone ranges, together with amongst younger males who took 10mg of boron per day. It’s not really useful to take greater than 20 mg/day.

So these are the fundamentals: magnesium, vitamin D/Ok, zinc, DHEA, creatine, and boron…

…oh, and do you have to surprise why I didn’t give a lick of consideration to precise meals or macronutrients, it is as a result of I already addressed meals and carbohydrate/fats/protein percentages right here (and under is an anecdote from that article):

“The underside line is that this: for optimum testosterone manufacturing you shouldn’t go too low in energy (nor too excessive), shouldn’t eat an excessive amount of protein (beneath 2g/kg), or eat too little carbs and too little saturated and mono-unsaturated fat.

For me personally, the optimum ratio for T manufacturing appears to be on a 2500 kcal/day slight deficit food plan with 98 kg body weight appears to be like like this:

  • 1.8g protein/kg of physique weight (1.8g x 98 = 176.4 grams = 720 kcal)
  • 40% of whole calorie consumption fats (1000 kcal = 111 grams)
  • Remainder of the every day vitality wants from carbohydrates ( 780 kcal = 195 grams)”

Anyway, you may click on right here to learn the remainder of that article, which is an ideal companion to the one you are studying proper now.

The Barely Extra Fringe: Natural Add-Ons To Impression Each Testosterone & Sexual Efficiency

Once more, a giant head nod to the parents at Study Analysis Digest for decoding which “fringe dietary supplements” work and which do not. The next six add-ons provides you with essentially the most bang on your buck do you have to want to toss some further goodies on prime of the fundamentals you simply examine above.

1. Maca

A number of research present that maca, a root vegetable, enhances drive in each women and men, and this impact retains enhancing for 8 weeks earlier than plateauing. Maca can serve to deal with sexual dysfunction attributable to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It may mildly profit males with erectile dysfunction from different causes.

Furthermore, preliminary animal proof suggests that pink maca may enhance prostate well being and cut back anxiousness. Maca doesn’t work together with any main hormones, equivalent to testosterone, estrogen, or DHEA. For supreme dosing, take 1.5–3g of maca root powder as soon as a day with breakfast (to enhance sexual efficiency, there is no such thing as a distinction between pink, black, or yellow maca).

2. Cocoasex enhancing ice cream insta post

Low nitric oxide (NO) ranges may cause blood vessels to slender, resulting in poor circulation, which can lead to erections which can be softer and tougher to keep up (you may learn extra about that right here). Just like the flavonoids in grape seed and pine bark, epicatechin and different flavonoids in cocoa might help assist NO ranges, thus enhancing blood circulation and assuaging such a erectile dysfunction. Merely take 1g of cocoa polyphenols by consuming about 30g of cocoa powder or 40g of darkish chocolate with a 75% cocoa content material (FYI, neither milk chocolate nor white chocolate is an efficient supply of polyphenols).

For a enjoyable date evening dessert that mixes cocoa, plus lots of the testosterone boosters talked about on this article, my “Screamin’ Intercourse Ice Cream” (featured in Boundless Cookbook) is a scrumptious technique to kick off an evening you will not neglect. Try my Instagram submit on the way to make it!

3. Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia can be recognized by a number of different names, equivalent to longjack and tongkat ali. Preliminary proof helps its conventional use as a sexual efficiency enhancer for each women and men, and analysis additionally reveals using Eurycoma longifolia as a male fertility enhancer.

In males affected by infertility or extreme erectile dysfunction, this herb doesn’t appear to extend testosterone, or solely does so to a small extent. Nevertheless, it might improve the will to mate, as demonstrated in rodent fashions. To complement Eurycoma longifolia, take 200–300mg every day.

4. Fenugreek

In Ayurvedic medication, fenugreek is known as methi (its Hindi identify) and is used notably to extend virility. Whereas the leaves and seeds are each used, most dietary supplements favor the latter. When supplemented by wholesome males, excessive doses of fenugreek seem to considerably improve sexual drive and satisfaction. A small improve in testosterone has been famous in some research. Curiously, fenugreek has the property of inflicting bodily fluids (saliva, semen, sweat, urine, and many others.) to scent like maple syrup. Ideally, take a fenugreek complement standardized to comprise 300mg of saponins, at a dosage of 300–600mg per day.

5. Pycnogenol

Low nitric oxide (NO) ranges may cause blood vessels to slender, resulting in poor circulation, which can lead to erections which can be softer and tougher to keep up. Just like the flavonoids in cocoa, procyanidins and different flavonoids in pine bark and grape seeds might help assist NO ranges, thus enhancing blood circulation and assuaging such a erectile dysfunction. Pycnogenol, a patented pine bark extract standardized to 65–75% procyanidin, is the best-studied supply of procyanidins.

Grape seed extracts are cheaper, however their advantages to blood circulation are much less dependable and will take longer to develop (as much as one month). To enhance blood circulation, Pycnogenol is a more sensible choice than a grape seed extract, however neither choice is as potent as cocoa or can boast as a lot supporting proof. To complement Pycnogenol, take 100–200 mg as soon as a day with a meal.

6. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris has lengthy been marketed as an natural testosterone booster, with no supporting proof. This herb does considerably improve sexual drive, although, which can not directly improve testosterone through the impact of a better frequency of intercourse. To complement Tribulus terrestris, take 200–450mg of an extract standardized for 60% steroidal saponins as soon as a day with a meal.

The Fitness center: Exercise Methods To Optimize Testosterone

Though there are, as I discussed earlier, total industries constructed up round natural and pharmaceutical drugs, capsules, lotions, injections, superfoods, and different strategies for rising testosterone, on this part you’re going to get six easy exercise methods for rising testosterone with out truly swallowing any questionable dietary supplements.

Exercise Tip #1: Dash

A number of research have proven that you may enhance your testosterone ranges by sprinting. In one examine, testosterone ranges elevated considerably for individuals who carried out a sequence of very quick (however intense) six-second sprints — and testosterone ranges remained excessive even after these folks had absolutely recovered from the dash exercise.

So how will you implement the technique of sprinting to extend testosterone?

Attempt performing a number of sprints on the treadmill after you’ve lifted weights on the gymnasium, or simply head out into the yard, a park, or your neighborhood block and do a couple of dash repeats in your days off from weight coaching. You possibly can even do your sprints on a bicycle or elliptical coach. Attempt to embody 5–10 quick sprints if you do a dash exercise, dash now not than 15 seconds, get full restoration after every dash (typically 3–4 occasions longer than you truly sprinted), and do a dash exercise 2–3 occasions per week for optimum outcomes.

Exercise Tip #2: Elevate Heavy Stuff

Whereas you are able to do excessive reps with low weights or low reps with excessive weights, research have proven that it positively takes heavy weights to considerably enhance testosterone. Full-body, heavy workouts like squatsdeadliftsbench presses, and Olympic lifts ought to ideally be used, at 85-95% of your 1RM (or one repetition most). It’s good to do 2–3 full physique weight lifting exercises per week to get good testosterone-boosting outcomes (in tip #5, I’ll offer you a pattern exercise).

Should you’re a newbie or new to weight coaching, don’t let this idea of heavy lifting scare you away. You possibly can simulate many of those workouts on weight coaching machines till you’re robust and expert sufficient to carry out the free weight barbell or dumbbell variations.

The ARX, quick for Adaptive Resistance Train, is my go-to for constructing energy and boosting testosterone. This modern tools combines single set-to-failure and superslow coaching for environment friendly energy coaching or rehab. It biohacks energy coaching by offering computer-controlled, motorized resistance that matches your pressure, guaranteeing an ideal rep each time. The ARX OMNI (which I personal) gives a wide range of motions like squats, deadlifts, pulldowns, rows, overhead presses, and chest presses, whereas the ARX ALPHA focuses on leg presses, chest presses, rows, calf raises, and torso extensions and flexions. With as little as one 15- to 20-minute exercise per week (I exploit it twice per week for 20 minutes), you may see important energy, bone density, and muscle-building outcomes. For extra data on essentially the most environment friendly train and muscle-triggering machine I’ve ever used, try my podcast with Mike Pullano, ARX’s Chief Product Officer.

Exercise Tip #3: Use Longer Relaxation Intervals

Scientists have studied the consequences of very quick relaxation durations on testosterone and located that longer relaxation durations of round 120 seconds between units are higher for constructing testosterone (though you may nonetheless construct different hormones, equivalent to development hormone, with shorter relaxation durations).

Contemplating what you’ve simply discovered about lifting heavy weights, this is smart — for the reason that shorter your restoration durations, the much less weight you’re going to have the ability to carry. Nevertheless, it will possibly appear to be a waste of time to be sitting in your butt for 3 minutes between every train.

So in case your objective is to extend testosterone, I like to recommend that you just maximize your time on the gymnasium by doing alternate actions throughout these lengthy relaxation durations, equivalent to stretching, or higher but, workouts that don’t stress the identical muscle tissue you simply labored.

For instance, you are able to do one heavy set of bench presses, get well for simply 30–60 seconds, then do one heavy set of squats. Commute till all of your units are performed, and also you’ll get twice as a lot performed in half the time, whereas nonetheless getting the testosterone-boosting advantages of lifting heavy and taking lengthy relaxation durations.

Exercise Tip #4: Do Compelled Reps

To do a compelled repetition, you carry out a weight lifting train for as many reps as you may after which have a accomplice (a “spotter”) help you with finishing a number of further repetitions (wherever from 1–5 further reps).

Analysis reveals that such a compelled rep set generates extra testosterone than merely doing as many reps as you are able to do by your self.

It’s greatest to do compelled reps with a multi-joint, massive motor motion train. For instance, you are able to do a warm-up set of barbell squats, then, with a accomplice, a private coach, or somebody you ask on the gymnasium that can assist you, select a weight that means that you can do 5–6 repetitions by yourself, however requires an assistant to get one other 3–4 reps performed after that, for a complete of 8–10 reps. You possibly can repeat this for wherever from 2–6 units.

Whilst you don’t have to carry out compelled reps for each exercise or set that you just do, if you happen to’re attempting to extend testosterone, it may be particularly useful to do your final set of any train as a compelled rep set.

Exercise Tip #5: Use Your Legs

In one other examine that investigated the hormonal response to weight coaching, members had been break up into an arm-only coaching group and a leg-plus-arm coaching group. Testosterone will increase had been considerably greater within the group that added lower-body coaching to their upper-body coaching.

Whereas it may be tempting, particularly for guys, to give attention to workouts like biceps curls and bench urgent, you’ll discover much better outcomes for lean muscle mass, vitality, intercourse drive, and fats loss if you embody multi-joint leg workouts equivalent to lunges and squats into your routine.

So right here’s an instance of a full-body exercise you possibly can do three days per week to spice up testosterone:

  • Heat-up
  • 4 units of 8 repetitions bench press, paired with 4 units of 8 repetitions squats
  • 4 units of 8 repetitions deadlifts, paired with 4 units of 8 repetitions pull-ups
  • 6 units of most 10-second sprints
  • Cool-down

On the finish of this text, I will embody one other pattern exercise.

Exercise Tip #6: Keep away from Persistent Cardio

Lengthy-endurance sports activities equivalent to biking appear to decrease testosterone in the identical approach that weight lifting and weight coaching appear to extend it. For instance, one examine discovered that testosterone ranges had been considerably decrease in cyclists than in age-matched weightlifters and even an untrained management group. Some researchers have concluded that such a low testosterone in endurance athletes is an adaptation that offers cyclists or runners a aggressive benefit — for the reason that further muscle mass from testosterone would in all probability sluggish you down.

So if you happen to’re attempting to spice up testosterone, keep away from lengthy jaunts on the treadmill, and settle for the truth that if you happen to’re going to run marathons or do an IRONMAN triathlon, you could have to accept barely decrease testosterone ranges. If you wish to uncover extra about this idea, you may try my interview with Mark Sisson.

Biohacking Testosterone: Instruments and Methods That Truly Work

OK — you’ve got bought your head wrapped round meals, fundamental dietary supplements, fringe dietary supplements, and exercise methods.

Now, let’s flip to biohacking instruments and toys which have nice efficacy for reinforcing testosterone, sperm depend, drive, and many others. (and if you happen to dig this biohacking stuff, positively additionally try the article “The Final Information To Biohacking Your Testosterone: 17 Methods To Maximize Muscle-Constructing, Drive & Anti-Ageing“).

1. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

A examine performed on rats’ gastrocnemius muscle (calf) discovered {that electrical} stimulation induced a speedy improve within the variety of androgen receptors within the early elements of the stimulation. This led to a rise in muscle mass by enhancing the muscle sensitivity to androgens. One other examine performed in people confirmed {that electrical} stimulation of volunteers’ meridian factors (which principally means electro-acupuncture) elevated their concentrations of whole testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) with out affecting luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (secreted from the pituitary gland). By way of truly determining the way to self-administer electro-acupuncture, I might advocate trying into a tool known as the “NES scanner” which can scan your physique and present you the place to use {the electrical} stimulation, and for precise electrical muscle stimulation on particular muscle tissue, I might advocate this text on the way to use electrostim (and an entire lot extra).

2. Crimson Gentle or Low-Lever Laser Remedy

You may get the extremely entertaining, nitty-gritty particulars on this technique within the Males’s Well being article entitled “I Put a Big Crimson Gentle on My Balls to Triple My Testosterone Ranges” (and sure, the featured picture on this submit is me posing with my private large pink Joovv gentle).Ben greenfield's weekly roundup for May 25th

Crimson gentle, near-infrared gentle (NIR), or low-level laser remedy has been used to deal with varied circumstances from ache and muscle aches to wound therapeutic, pores and skin circumstances, osteoarthritis, and even melancholy. These results are normally native, however near-infrared gentle has additionally systemic results through the circulation of blood. For extra particulars on these results, you may need to learn this tremendous complete article on pink gentle and NIR.

The premise for exciting testosterone manufacturing by capturing pink gentle and near-infrared gentle (yep, particularly in your testicles) lies within the mechanism of how pink (or infrared) wavelengths work contained in the cell. The hot button is that they stimulate ATP manufacturing in Leydig cells, thus rising the vitality out there for the cells. This implies extra testosterone manufacturing. There may also be different mechanisms, that are speculated on the “Crimson Gentle Man” website:

“One other potential mechanism entails a separate class of photoreceptive proteins, referred to as ‘opsin proteins. The human testes are particularly ample with varied of those extremely particular photoreceptors together with OPN3, that are ‘activated, very like cytochrome, particularly by wavelengths of sunshine. Stimulation of those testicular proteins by pink gentle induces mobile responses which will in the end result in elevated testosterone manufacturing, amongst different issues, though analysis continues to be within the preliminary phases relating to these proteins and metabolic pathways. A lot of these photoreceptive proteins are additionally discovered within the eyes and likewise, curiously, the mind.”

In accordance to some research performed on rats, the constructive results on testosterone manufacturing are huge. For instance, a Korean examine discovered that low-level laser remedy (LLLT) with a wavelength of 670nm (which is on the border of seen pink gentle and infrared gentle) half-hour per day confirmed a major improve in serum testosterone by the fourth day of the remedy with none dangerous tissue penetration. In the end, a couple of greatest practices for pink gentle embody:

  • Total, pink or infrared gentle from an LED supply is mostly regarded as a protected therapeutic technique
  • Keep away from heating the testicles, for the reason that warmth will destroy sperm cells and have a destructive impact on the Leydig cells
  • Keep away from blue gentle and UV gentle publicity on testicles (blue gentle inhibits ATP manufacturing in mitochondria)

Need extra? Hearken to my podcast on photobiomodulation right here after which check out the pink gentle that I personally use and swear by: the JOOVV.

The JOOVV produces gentle within the excellent 600–800nm frequency utilized in analysis and doesn’t put you prone to frying your valuable balls. You simply flip it on and — you guessed it — squat over it a bit or stand it towards a wall and shine it throughout thine gonads as you’re employed at, say, a stand-up workstation.

3. Chilly Thermogenesis

Within the 1820s, a German farmer named Vincenz Priessnitz began touting a brand new medical remedy known as “hydrotherapy,” which used chilly water to remedy all the things from damaged bones to erectile dysfunction. He turned his household’s homestead right into a sanitarium, and sufferers flocked to it within the hope that his chilly water remedy might assist them. The primary hydrotherapy facility opened up within the U.S. in 1843, proper when the sanitarium craze hit America. By the top of the nineteenth century, over 200 hydrotherapy/sanitarium resorts existed in the US, essentially the most well-known being the Battle Creek Sanitarium based by John Harvey Kellogg.

There isn’t any simple proof that chilly remedy can increase testosterone ranges. However oblique proof positively exists. One examine investigated serum ranges of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), development hormone (GH), and prolactin in males after a two-hour keep in a chilly room (10 levels Celsius). There have been no important modifications within the serum focus of adrenalin, T3, T4, testosterone, TSH, or LH. The serum stage of noradrenaline elevated from 4.5 to six.3 nmol L1 (P < 0.01) and people of cortisol, GH, and prolactin fell by 20%, 87%, and 48% (all P < 0.01). Because of this by decreasing cortisol, you’ll in all probability have extra of the uncooked materials for testosterone manufacturing and fewer stress response.

The oblique analysis proof by in vitro (and animal) research on optimum testicle operate gives data that the ball sack (sure, that’s my extremely technical time period) ought to be stored cool (beneath 35 Celsius or 95 Fahrenheit) for optimum testosterone manufacturing. Warmth publicity to testicles has been proven to cut back testosterone ranges in rats.

Additionally, an observational examine performed on over 6,000 males confirmed that sperm high quality and quantity had been higher within the wintertime. This is because of stimulation by FSH and LH secreted from the pituitary gland, which stimulates testosterone synthesis and secretion. There are additionally anecdotes from old-school Chinese language and Russian powerlifters who iced their balls after coaching and earlier than a contest. Apparently, their objective was to extend efficiency and testosterone operate.

To enhance testicle operate, you are able to do this stuff:

  • Take chilly baths and showers
  • Put on unfastened boxers or go ”commando” to maintain optimum temperature for testicles and to keep away from compression
  • Sleep bare or put on simply unfastened pajamas (no lingerie)
  • Sleep in a comparatively chilly room temperature
  • Don’t sit except it’s vital

For extra insights on chilly thermogenesis, you may try these assets:

4. Platelet Wealthy Plasma Injections (PRP)

Within the article “I Obtained a Shot In My Dick For Stronger Erections, and I Have Zero Regrets,” I describe the PRP injection recognized merely as “The P-Shot.”

Ought to your eyebrows now be raised, please permit me so as to add the time period P-Shot to your vernacular. Named for the Greek god of virility, Priapus, the P-Shot entails harvesting your individual plasma-enriched development elements in your blood and injecting them into particular areas of the penis. The method entails drawing a small quantity of blood from the arm after which transferring it to a centrifuge, the place it spins for about 10 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the platelet-poor plasma (PPP). The PRP is then taken from the tube and reinjected into the penis, which ostensibly stimulates blood circulation and makes the penis seem bigger and rejuvenated (there’s additionally a model for girls known as the O-Shot.)

This may sound loopy to you, however it’s truly not: for years, athletes like Tiger Woods have been getting PRP pictures in different elements of their physique to get well from harm, and Kim Kardashian famously acquired a variation of the remedy when she bought a vampire facial in 2013. Whereas some proof means that the advantages are marginal at greatest, contemplating how standard PRP has gotten, I knew I needed to attempt it, and I report on the outcomes right here.

If you wish to get this remedy performed your self, I’d advocate you contact the parents at GAINSWave. You must know that it pairs fairly properly with the acoustic sound wave remedy talked about within the subsequent tip. The great of us at GAINSWave have provided you a reduction of $150 if you request an appointment from any supplier, throughout the nation, discovered right here.

5. Acoustic Sound Wave Remedy

Additionally offered by the crew at GAINSWave, this pairs fairly properly with the P-Shot (together with using a digital penis pump, which they supply to you after the one-two acoustic sound wave remedy + P-Shot combo). You may get extra particulars within the article “I Obtained Stronger Erections By Blasting My Penis With Sound.”

The science behind the know-how entails one thing known as low-intensity shockwave remedy. Shockwave remedy has existed in fashionable medication for many years and has primarily been used as a remedy for lipoatrophy (localized lack of fats tissue) and to interrupt up kidney stones utilizing high-frequency acoustic waves.

About fifteen years in the past, researchers in Europe realized that through the use of lower-intensity acoustic pulse waves, they may additionally apply these identical waves to the penis with out damaging the pores and skin or organs. Based mostly on this stylish breakthrough of kidney medical doctors blasting their gonads with sound waves, physicians had been finally in a position to deal with erectile dysfunction at its root supply: poor blood circulation.

When the acoustic pulse waves are utilized to the penis (or the vagina), they supposedly break up micro plaque and likewise create a micro-inflammatory course of that releases nitric oxide, a vasodilator, and the identical chemical induced through the consumption of stuff like Viagra or Cialis. Over the course of eight to 12 weeks after the process, new blood vessels within the genitals are purported to develop, a course of referred to as “neovascularization.”

Scientific research recommend that this remedy could be more practical than different therapies, together with drugs and actually costly penis pumps. However because of the overcrowding of the sexual efficiency trade by pharmaceutical and complement firms, there have been no standardized protocols, machines, or coaching packages till Dr. Richard Gaines (my former podcast visitor right here and right here) of the GAINSWave clinic designed his personal patented technique of bringing this know-how to the lots. As a bonus, these identical shockwaves additionally might supposedly “get up” dormant stem cells within the penis, resulting in improved erectile operate and enhanced tissue development. In different phrases, GAINSWave remedy may improve the scale of the penis.

Similar because the P-Shot/PRP injection listed above, if you wish to get this remedy performed your self, I’d advocate you contact the parents at GAINSWave for a $150 low cost if you request an appointment from any supplier, throughout the nation, discovered right here.

6. Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields emitted from varied sources (cell phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, and many others.) have been reported to have causative results on organic programs equivalent to irritation, radiation, and hyperthermia. All of those can disrupt the seminiferous tubules and cut back the Leydig cell inhabitants and testosterone focus (research performed in rats). A number of analysis on this situation exists within the new e book The Non-Tinfoil Information to EMFs: The way to Repair Our Silly Use of Know-how, which I might extremely advocate you learn if you happen to care about not simply your fertility, however your well being general.

As a technique to repair this situation, pulsed electromagnetic discipline remedy (PEMF remedy) has been used efficiently to deal with varied well being circumstances starting from bone therapeutic and ache aid to balancing the neuroendocrine system (together with hormone manufacturing and melatonin ranges). A examine performed on male Wister rats confirmed that PEMF remedy helped rats bounce again from microwave radiation by way of testosterone manufacturing and fight oxidative stress. The truth is, rats’ testosterone ranges went a bit greater than earlier than the microwave radiation publicity after they had been handled with PEMF for 60 days.

What does this imply for you?

Many people maintain their cell phones of their pockets, fairly near testicles or ovaries. It’s truly a incontrovertible fact that cell phones emit microwaves which can be dangerous to regular tissues when stored very near the pores and skin. A number of research have proven relationships between cell phone use and lowered sperm depend and sperm quality. The destructive results are extremely more likely to prolong to lowered testosterone ranges in males.

So the takeaway is that this: if you recognize that you’re being uncovered to exterior microwaves, Wi-Fi, and cell telephones, using a small PEMF machine just like the FlexPulse, the CELLER8 (use code BGL to save lots of 10%), or a extra basic machine for whole-body remedy like HigherDOSE’s PEMF mats (use code BEN for 15% off), is more likely to revive testosterone ranges.

7. Peptides

Relating to biohacking testosterone and enhancing manhood, peptide stacks are rising as highly effective instruments. Peptides are quick chains of amino acids that play essential roles in regulating varied features within the physique, together with hormone manufacturing. They might help optimize testosterone ranges, sperm depend, and drive, by way of their actions on the endocrine system.

As my pal, repeat podcast visitor (hearken to these reveals right here, right here, and right here), and professional in testosterone and peptides, Jay Campbell, explains on his web site:

“First, peptides can immediately influence the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and stimulate testosterone synthesis. A lot of these peptides assist the discharge of hormones that play main roles in rising serum testosterone ranges, together with GnRH, LH, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

Second, peptides can enhance development hormone ranges within the pituitary gland, rising LH and FSH ranges and thereby resulting in a lift in testosterone.ben-using-peptides

Third, peptides might play a task in stopping the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, notably in people with extra physique fats. When a person is fats, infected, and/or insulin resistant, excessive aromatization (overproducing estrogen) can ship a destructive sign to the pituitary gland, lowering its capability to supply LH, FSH, and testosterone, as a substitute of constructing extra.”

Should you’re trying to enhance your T ranges, Jay suggests taking these peptides:

  • Kisspeptin-10: Stimulates the discharge of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which in flip stimulates the manufacturing of testosterone
  • Gonadorelin and Sermorelin: Encourages the pituitary gland to supply extra LH, which alerts the testes to supply testosterone
  • Ipamorelin and CJC-1295: Progress hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs) that may not directly enhance testosterone ranges
  • GHRP-6 and GHRP-2: Additionally GHRPs which will have related results on testosterone ranges
  • MK-677: Not directly will increase testosterone ranges by stimulating the discharge of GH and insulin-like development issue 1 (IGF-1), each of which may have constructive results on testosterone manufacturing
  • AOD-9604: Peptide fragment that has been studied for its potential to advertise fats loss and enhance metabolic well being, which may not directly profit testosterone ranges
  • Tesamorelin: Investigated for its potential to enhance cognitive operate and psychological well being, that are essential features of general well-being and may not directly influence testosterone ranges

For extra data on peptides and the place to purchase them, you may try my useful Peptides Sources Web page — a compilation of the very best articles, podcasts, and trusted peptide sources.

The Habits: Errors You are Most likely Making That Impression Testosterone and Fertility

Mistake #1: Underestimating The Nasties of Plastic

Should you hearken to my podcast entitled “Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fats, Sick, And Infertile,” you may hear about how deleterious publicity to endocrine disruptors in plastics, meals, and water actually will be on your physique — together with your valuable testosterone.

Endocrine disruptors are artificial chemical compounds or pure substances that may alter the endocrine system. I discuss loads of these in my article “How To Detox Your Residence.” Most of the endocrine disruptors are both immediately negatively affecting testosterone manufacturing or performing as estrogen mimics (referred to as xenoestrogens). These are primarily discovered in plastics, steel meals cans, detergents, flame retardants, toys, pesticides, preservatives, cosmetics, and prescribed drugs. They’ve additionally been linked to many different well being issues like most cancers, decreased fertility, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.

So first, keep away from these substances, interval.

  • BPA (Bisphenol A)
    • Present in plastics; can decrease testosterone ranges considerably and trigger erectile dysfunction
  • BPS (Bisphenol S)
    • Marketed as a ”safer” various to BPA present in thermal receipts, plastics, and family mud.
    • Has the identical destructive endocrine results as BPA
  • Phthalates
    • Present in plastics and cosmetics
    • Males having excessive phthalates within the urine have decrease testosterone ranges
  • Parabens
    • Discovered particularly in solar lotions, moisturizers, shampoos, toothpastes, and in different cosmetics as a preservative
    • Operate as a xenoestrogen within the physique elevating estrogen ranges in males (and ladies)
  • Triclosan & triclocarban
  • Benzophenones (BP-1, BP-2, and BP-3)
    • Discovered primarily in sunscreens functioning as UV filters
    • Can probably decrease testosterone by antagonizing androgen receptors (in English, blocking the receptor websites) and blocking enzymes changing different androgens to testosterone

The primary technique to cut back your publicity to those endocrine disruptors is to keep away from using plastics in addition to you may with the next methods:

  • Change plastic cups to glass or metal cups and bottles (glass could be optimum)
  • Retailer leftover meals in glass jars
  • Purchase an excellent faucet filter that filters all contaminants and endocrine disrupters (e.g. reverse osmosis and activated charcoal filters)
  • Use solely natural and pure ingredient cosmetics
  • Keep away from junk meals and like natural meals
  • Keep away from using detergents and flame retardants (and different doable endocrine-disrupting chemical compounds)

You get the thought. In any case, it might be fairly ironic to clean down your costly testosterone dietary supplements with a plastic cup of unfiltered water, would not it?

Mistake #2: Considering “Keep away from Persistent Cardio” Means “Do not Transfer Too A lot”

As talked about earlier, continual cardio and heavy endurance exercises are positively not a pal of optimizing testosterone. It has been proven in varied research that sedentary males who interact in common bodily exercise immediately increase their testosterone ranges, and do it fairly considerably. An excessive amount of endurance coaching has been proven to decrease testosterone ranges. One fascinating truth is that in endurance athletes, low T is an unbiased issue (probably impairing testicular operate) which isn’t even associated to chronically elevated cortisol ranges.quickest way to lose weight

However being bodily inactive can be fairly dangerous to testosterone manufacturing, and avoidance of continual cardio does not imply that you just keep away from low-level, hunter-gatherer-gardener-esque bodily exercise woven all through your day. For instance, a 12-week interval of elevated bodily exercise in a gaggle of overweight males confirmed a major improve in testosterone ranges unbiased of accompanied weight reduction induced by a light calorie deficit. Because of this a fundamental low-level bodily exercise like strolling is an unbiased testosterone-boosting issue!

Therefore, for this reason you may continuously discover leaping jacks, burpees, kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and treadmill strolling unfold all through my day — though you may hardly ever discover me “jogging” for lengthy durations of time or hanging out on the elliptical coach for something apart from a short dash.

Mistake #3: Consuming Too Darn Usually

In addition to optimizing testosterone manufacturing for optimum precise hormone signaling, you additionally have to have an excellent quantity of androgen receptors in your physique. Intermittent fasting (AKA avoiding the usual, ho-hum broscience recommendation to suck down a maltodextrin and fructose shake after each exercise and to eat loads of steak earlier than mattress) is, in actual fact, one of the researched methods to extend your androgen receptor density.

The simplest technique to prime your androgen receptors for optimum testosterone uptake is intermittent fasting. Merely skipping your breakfast and pushing the primary meal of the day so far as you may is a technique that works very properly. A small examine confirmed {that a} quick of 12 to 56 hours improved testosterone response as much as 180% in lean, however not in overweight males. One other examine discovered that after a 10-day water quick, testosterone confirmed a downward development of roughly 15–20%. When re-feeding after the extended quick with regular meals, the members’ testosterone ranges went up considerably greater than earlier than the fasting baseline values. One man even went from round 600 ng/dl to 1600 ng/dl! The reason for this phenomenon is that fasting primes your physique to be extra receptive to testosterone, which suggests greater androgen receptor sensitivity.

Warning: In case you are beneath continual stress and have tremendous excessive cortisol ranges all day lengthy, a chronic 16+ hour quick won’t be your factor. Additionally, please, please, please don’t interpret intermittent fasting to be synonymous with calorie deprivation. It’s not, and long-term calorie deprivation might, in actual fact, lower testosterone ranges. Intermittent fasting merely signifies that you compress all of your energy into shorter feeding home windows — which means you may maybe eat 3000 energy between 10:00 a.m. and seven:00 p.m., relatively than between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Make sense?

Mistake #4: Considering You are Immune To EMF

Because the e book The Non-Tinfoil Information to EMFs: The way to Repair Our Silly Use of Know-how reveals, an entire lot of younger {couples} nowadays are unable to conceive naturally — about half of them within the extremely wired metropolis of Mumbai, India. Analysis has proven that utilizing a laptop computer immediately within the lap, particularly together with Wi-Fi, is related to a lower in sperm depend and motility whereas inflicting sperm DNA harm.

Mobile phone customers at 4+ hours per day have a 40% decrease sperm depend (by the best way, males with the very best sperm depend take pleasure in a mortality fee 43% decrease than males with the bottom counts.)” Exposing rats to the mobile phone frequency of 900MHz for two hours a day for 45 days results in a discount in testosterone ranges. Uncovered rats had T ranges of 176ng/dl — in comparison with the non-exposed rats ranges averaging 505 ng/dl. In 2013, researchers discovered hyperlinks between mobile phone use and erectile dysfunction.

Nuff stated. You get the thought. Freaking put down your telephone, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and perceive that each second spent round so-called “non-native EMF” is probably going not doing you any favors within the sexual division.

Mistake #5: Ejaculating Too A lot?

In keeping with the Jap philosophy of Tao, males who regulate their ejaculation frequency and retain their semen will develop robust, have a clearer thoughts, preserve excessive ranges of testosterone, sperm, and semen — and subsequently could have a stronger sexual urge for food. Tao teaches that ejaculation frequency ought to be regulated to allow a person’s physique to rebuild the sexual vitality between ejaculations earlier than it’s used up once more. That doesn’t imply you may’t have intercourse. You’re simply not purported to orgasm each time you do.

The commonest system is to restrict ejaculation frequency to each few days, though there’s an precise ejaculation frequency advice primarily based on age, which is as follows:

20s: all you need
30s: 3–4x/week
40s: 2–3x/week
50s: 1–2x/week
60+: as soon as per week relying on well being

One standard concept amongst Tao practitioners is ejaculation primarily based upon the frequency of intercourse, with ejaculation occurring solely two or 3 times out of each 10 sexual encounters. One Tao theorist, Solar Simiao, recommends ejaculation not more than as soon as each 20 days for males over 50 and not more than as soon as each 100 days for males over 60. From a sensible standpoint, you “injaculate” relatively than ejaculate by squeezing the identical muscle tissue you’d squeeze if you happen to had been attempting to cease the circulation of urine, whereas “respiratory the vitality” up your backbone. And if you happen to get too shut? Jam your fingers and apply stress into your perineum, the tender tissue between your scrotum and your anus.

The great half about this method is that the fee is free, except for the tranquilizers you may have to maintain from reworking right into a pent-up, indignant, moody, aggressive, blue-balled man on these days you determine to have intercourse however not ejaculate. As well as, based on researchers on the Boston College College of Public Well being, ejaculating a minimum of 21 occasions a month might cut back a person’s prostate most cancers threat. And if you happen to’re attempting to conceive a baby, a number of research have decided that sperm counts are usually highest two to a few days after ejaculation, although newer analysis has additionally proven that every day masturbation shouldn’t have an effect on your possibilities of a being pregnant.

Mistake #6: Ignoring The Energy Of Intercourse

In my episode “How To Get Match For Intercourse” with my pal and relationship coach Jordan Grey, we delve into the concept that you need to solely prioritize being match sufficient for good intercourse, but additionally the concept that intercourse is, in and of itself, a enjoyable health exercise and highly effective technique to enhance your testosterone and provoke a really constructive suggestions loop.

One among Jordan’s specialties is tantric intercourse — a sluggish, intimate type of intercourse that results in a greater reference to your self and your accomplice. Whereas there is no such thing as a one singular approach “to do” tantric intercourse, the only approach is to decelerate, management your respiratory, and be cognizant of your physique in each second. Relating to turning into multi-orgasmic as a person, cultivating this ability is less complicated than you may suppose.

Put aside a while to masturbate your self to arousal, after which consciously increase and decrease your arousal stage, alternating between 9 and 5 on a scale of 10. Consciously use your respiratory to flow into the sexual vitality all through your physique. Do that for 30 to 60 minutes a few occasions per week and you’ll turn into intimately conscious of your ejaculatory level of no return. When you’re conversant in this arousal zone, you’ll experience the sting of this orgasmic precipice and expertise “a number of orgasms” very quickly. However let’s be clear: do not consider every orgasm as a ten after 10 after 10, however relatively, experience the sting of a 9.5 for seconds (and finally minutes) with out having to pause for a break.

If you wish to turn into proficient within the artwork of being multi-orgasmic, this typically takes wherever from one to a few months of constant apply, and along with trying out Jordan Grey’s web site, I additionally advocate you learn the superb e book The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets and techniques Each Man Ought to Know.


Whew. I do know that was loads.

So do you have to discover your head spinning and your crotch turning into dizzy simply enthusiastic about implementing what you’ve got discovered, let’s now step again and simplify with an instance of what a “day within the life” of optimizing your testosterone would truly seem like.


-Breakfast: Embrace loads of good fat equivalent to avocado, eggs, olive oil, coconut milk, and the like. Additionally, eat — ideally together with breakfast — the next dietary supplements*:

-5g creatine

-2000IU vitamin D/vitamin Ok mix

-20mg zinc

-50mg supplemental DHEA 

-10mg boron

-30g cocoa powder

-2g maca root extract

For added impact, you may take these optionally available dietary supplements:

-500mg fenugreek extract

-200mg Pycnogenol 

-200-300mg Eurycoma longifolia

-300mg Tribulus

All through day:

Have interaction in as many EMF mitigation methods as you may, with the only methods being maintaining your telephone in airplane mode (except you are actively utilizing it), maintaining your laptop computer off your lap (or utilizing an anti-radiation pad if you do), and maintaining the Wi-Fi sign off gadgets when ethernet is offered.

Undoubtedly detox your own home, and it’s in all probability additionally a good suggestion to audit your workspace for EMF with an acoustimeter or rent a constructing biologist (try my podcast with Brian Hoyer) if you happen to actually are severe about optimizing your setting. I can’t advocate any extra extremely that you just learn this e book on EMF mitigation methods.

Additionally, all through your day, be cognizant of stress in order that your testosterone:cortisol ratio stays excessive. You can even apply leisure breathwork equivalent to deep nasal respiratory and stomach respiratory, chuckle and smile, get open air, and take note of the 2 chapters of stress mitigation methods in my e book Past Coaching. Lastly, make it some extent to be round folks, particularly ladies, as the mere presence of females can improve testosterone (and no, porn positively doesn’t depend and might, in actual fact, be deleterious for hormonal stability).

Afternoon exercise:

Here’s what a pattern testosterone-optimizing exercise appears to be like like — following the suggestions above of longer relaxation durations, lifting with the legs, and many others. This exercise requires a gymnasium or entry to some weights equivalent to barbells or dumbbells. It’s fairly easy. With as heavy a weight as you may carry with good type, you do 5 units of 5 reps of:

-Again squat
-Shoulder Press

Through the 90-second to two-minute restoration interval between every set, you carry out simple mobility workouts or core workouts, equivalent to opposite-arm and opposite-leg extensions, planks, aspect lunges, leap rope, and many others. You possibly can merely do that twice per week, and you probably have a accomplice, pyramid up in weight for every set in order that by the ultimate set, you’re compelled to require help with every carry.


Maximize nitric oxide by consuming meals with dinner equivalent to arugula, spinach, beets, carrots, pink onions, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, further virgin olive oil, pomegranate, cubed watermelon, darkish chocolate, and pink wine. At the least a pair occasions per week, plan a selected time to have intercourse and put aside the second to essentially make it depend so as to apply the strategies from The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets and techniques Each Man Ought to Know, equivalent to reverse orgasm, tantric, or lowered ejaculation frequency. Lastly, take 400–500mg of magnesium earlier than mattress and/or smear your arms/legs with an excellent magnesium topical lotion.

Do you will have questions, ideas, or suggestions for me about testosterone-boosting and something I mentioned on this article? Depart your feedback under and I’ll reply!

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