Examine reveals CNTN4 gene’s function in neuronal growth and Alzheimer’s illness pathogenesis


New analysis has make clear the complicated interaction between cell proteins, and the way they affect on neurons in neurodevelopmental issues and Alzheimer’s illness.

A brand new research led by the College of Exeter and revealed in Royal Society Open Biology has found the important thing function that the protein Contactin-4 (encoded by the gene CNTN4) performs in shaping neurons.

The researchers started learning CNTN4 as a result of it was identified to have a job in autism, however its practical roles weren’t nicely understood. The staff explored how CNTN4 features throughout the mind, significantly its interactions with proteins concerned in neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s illness.

For the primary time, the researchers studied mice who’ve had the CNTN4 gene knocked out within the cortex, the area of the mind answerable for key features together with reminiscence, pondering and reasoning. They discovered that neurons developed differently within the cortex area.

Researchers have demonstrated for the primary time in human cells the interplay between genes CNTN4 and APP, a gene strongly linked to Alzheimer’s illness, revealing a co-dependent relationship that’s important for mind growth, and particularly for the wholesome development of neurons. They discovered that CNTN4 not solely contributes to neural elongation within the frontal cortex area of the mind, but in addition CNTN4 expression is regulated through a relationship with APP.

Utilizing research in genetically modified human cells, the staff additionally found {that a} complicated interplay exists between CNTN4 and APP. If CNTN4 is knocked out, then ranges of APP lower, however to not zero. The scientists imagine that APP might compensate for the lack of CNTN4, and vice versa.

The research’s lead writer, Dr Rosemary Bamford, of the College of Exeter Medical Faculty, mentioned: “It was fairly outstanding to find that CNTN4, a gene linked to developmental processes, additionally performs a job in modulating elements concerned in Alzheimer’s illness. This intersection of developmental and neurodegenerative pathways affords thrilling new insights into the broader implications of those proteins.”

Wanting forward, my group is eager to additional dissect the molecular mechanisms underpinning the interplay between CNTN4 and APP and discover their wider implications for issues like Alzheimer’s and Autism Spectrum Dysfunction. Our subsequent steps contain clarifying how the CNTN4-APP interplay impacts neural exercise. Understanding this interplay is essential because it represents a elementary step in direction of a complete grasp of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative issues.”

Dr. Asami Oguro-Ando, Senior Creator of the College of Exeter Medical Faculty


Journal reference:

Bamford, R. A., et al. (2024) CNTN4 modulates neural elongation by means of interaction with APP. Royal Society Open Biology. doi.org/10.1098/rsob.240018.


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