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Our first It’s Not Actual weblog was very talked-about, and we now have gotten a whole lot of requests for a second one, so right here it’s!

real or fake supplements

1000’s of dietary supplements do one of many following:

  • Declare to be one thing they don’t seem to be.

  • Declare to comprise issues that don’t exist.

  • Lie about what’s within the product.

  • Use deceptive packaging and advertising and marketing claims to trick individuals into believing a product is one thing that it isn’t with out outright saying it.

These practices are wholly unethical and, sadly, have gotten way more frequent.

First up are these Wholefood Minerals:

Whole food mineral supplement

Trying on the label, you’ll assume a product referred to as Wholefood Minerals would solely comprise minerals comprised of meals. You may see the place that is going. We contacted the corporate and requested them what meals the magnesium glycinate was comprised of, and that is the response we bought:

“Our provider has acknowledged that the origin of glycine used for the synthesis of magnesium bisglycinate is artificial.”

So, how is sort of all magnesium glycinate made? Magnesium carbonate (primarily comprised of mining magnesite) is reacted with the amino acid glycine, forming magnesium glycinate. No meals is concerned. You may determine for your self should you assume that is a whole-food mineral.

I wish to clarify that whereas we want and suggest real whole-food dietary supplements, artificial and remoted nutritional vitamins and minerals can have advantages in some cases. It’s the labeling of them as complete meals that’s the downside. Making individuals assume a product is a whole-food complement when it isn’t is what we now have a problem with.

Subsequent up, is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Many corporations declare to promote uncooked, natural, pine lignan, pine spruce, pine-sulfur, or plant-derived MSM. This leads individuals to imagine that the MSM they’re getting is extracted or taken immediately from pine timber or crops when this might not be farther from the reality. No MSM is made that manner.

msm powder from pine bark

All MSM is comprised of DMSO, which may be comprised of numerous sources, comparable to corn oil, pine bark from paper mill byproducts, or petroleum byproducts. Even when the DMSO is comprised of wooden byproducts, none of that unique plant materials stays within the DMSO. So, how is DMSO made?

“1, methyl alcohol dithiocarbonic anhydride technique: take methyl alcohol and dithiocarbonic anhydride as uncooked materials, with γ-Al 2o 3as catalyzer, first synthesizing dimethyl thioether, then use nitrogen peroxide (or nitric acid) oxidation to acquire dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

2, nitrogen peroxide technique: take methyl alcohol and hydrogen sulfide as uncooked materials, generate dimethyl thioether beneath gama-alumina impact; Sulfuric acid is reacted and makes nitrogen peroxide with Sodium Nitrite; The dimethyl thioether producing and nitrogen peroxide perform oxidizing response at 60-80 ℃ and generate thick dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), even have immediately and are oxidized with oxygen, generate equally thick dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO); Thick dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), by underpressure distillation, obtains refining dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

3, methyl-sulfate technique: methyl-sulfate is reacted with sodium sulphite, make dimethyl thioether; Sulfuric acid reacts with Sodium Nitrite and generates nitrogen peroxide; Dimethyl thioether and nitrogen peroxide perform oxidizing response, receive thick dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), by neutralizing remedy, receive refining dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) after distillation.”

As you’ll be able to see, there’s nothing plant-based, uncooked, or natural about this course of.

One firm we contacted, which claimed to promote plant-based MSM, stated that their MSM was technically plant-based as a result of the petroleum byproduct the DMSO was comprised of was technically from crops as a result of petroleum was created by plant materials breaking down over tens of millions of years. By that logic, all the pieces may very well be referred to as plant-based. I am stunned they didn’t name it animal-based since dinosaurs additionally become oil. These corporations are uncontrolled.

All commercially obtainable MSM is artificial and created by a chemical response of DMSO and hydrogen peroxide. Since all business MSM produced comes from DMSO, and all business DMSO is produced synthetically, the origin of the DMSO is insignificant. Claims that the MSM is plant-based as a result of the DMSO was comprised of pine bark or corn oil is nonsense.

Third is that this “complete meals” magnesium powder:

whole food magnesium powder

Based mostly on that labeling, you would not be criticized for believing that the bottle contained magnesium comprised of complete meals. Sadly, that isn’t what it’s. The product does have a thirty-five milligram mix of 4 meals that naturally comprise a really small quantity of magnesium. That may be a very, very tiny quantity of meals. Nevertheless, if every scoop incorporates 350 milligrams of magnesium and solely thirty-five milligrams of meals, all of that magnesium will undoubtedly not come from that thirty-five milligram mix. So, the place is it coming from? When you have a look at the opposite elements, you’ll be able to see the place we marked the phrases magnesium carbonate.

So, what’s magnesium carbonate? Magnesium carbonate is obtained through the mining of the mineral magnesite. It’s comprised of rocks, not meals. Based mostly on that, ought to this product be labeled Magnesium Entire Meals Powder?

Subsequent up is matcha powder. Matcha is a kind of inexperienced tea, typically bought as powder or capsules. It usually is available in small containers and prices considerably greater than common inexperienced tea.

Ceremonial grade matcha powder

The above product retails at $34.99 for eleven ounces, which appears to be an ideal deal and is way inexpensive than different ceremonial-grade matcha powders.

So what’s occurring right here? Nicely, should you have a look at the complement info panel, every serving is 5 grams, which is 5 thousand milligrams. When you look additional down the complement info panel, every serving incorporates one thousand milligrams of matcha inexperienced tea. The opposite 4 thousand milligrams are brown rice solids. Which means eighty p.c of the product is brown rice solids, and solely twenty p.c is matcha. Solely 2.2 ounces of the eleven ounces of this product is matcha. It is positively not as nice a deal because it first seems.

Final up is “meals grade” hydrogen peroxide.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide 35%

I can’t stress sufficient how horrible it’s to label hydrogen peroxide as meals grade. No hydrogen peroxide is protected to be ingested. It’s extremely harmful.

Hydrogen peroxide ingestion causes large quantities of oxidation. Massive quantities of oxidation is the very last thing you need within the physique.

At low dosages within the brief time period, it may well trigger:

  • Abdomen pains and cramps

  • Issue respiratory

  • Physique aches

  • Chest pains

  • Burns

  • Bloated abdomen

  • Nausea

As dosages get greater and the longer an individual takes it, it may well begin to trigger:

  • Caustic accidents to the throat and abdomen

  • Lipid peroxidation

    • This will result in a complete host of points, comparable to kidney harm, Parkinson’s, bronchial asthma, cell membrane harm, and way more.

  • Extreme gastric distention, ensuing within the want for a nasogastric tube.

Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is changing into standard on social media, which is without doubt one of the worst issues an individual can do, particularly to kids. It could actually trigger:

  • Inhalation Pneumonitis

  • Bronchial asthma assaults

  • Pulmonary irritation

  • Eye irritation

Over the long run, it may well:

  • Improve the chance of seizures

  • Diminished cilia motility and viability

  • Elevated threat of cerebral infarction and cerebral embolism

There may be zero proof that ingestion or inhalation of hydrogen peroxide has any advantages and many proof that it’s hazardous.

It is going to NOT deal with COVID-19, assist your immune system, remedy a chilly or flu, assist somebody beat most cancers, or do any of the insane claims made for it. In truth, it is going to do the alternative.

For instance, COVID-19 causes large quantities of oxidative stress over a brief time frame. In some circumstances, it generates an quantity of oxidative stress that will usually be made within the physique in a yr’s time, in simply two weeks. Including a massively oxidizing substance, like hydrogen peroxide, will make the issues from COVID-19 far worse.

Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide

Please don’t put hydrogen peroxide in your kid’s nebulizer!


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