Novel insights into the underlying, contributing, and direct causes of dying in Australia


Coronary coronary heart illness (CHD) was concerned in 1 in 5 deaths in 2022 when utilizing the entire info included on the medical dying certificates, in response to a brand new Australian Institute of Well being and Welfare (AIHW) launch revealing what Australians are almost certainly to die from.

What do Australians die from? highlights the most typical causes concerned within the 191,000 registered deaths in Australia in 2022. It makes use of all well being situations recorded on the dying certificates to offer new insights into the well being situations inflicting and contributing to an individual’s dying, highlighting the interaction of a number of ailments and the function performed by every. Threat components and psychosocial contexts concerned in dying are additionally explored.

“Understanding what Australians die from is complicated and the reply can differ, relying on how we assess the situations concerned,” AIHW spokesperson Michelle Gourley mentioned.

“Historically, statistics about how individuals die are based mostly totally on the initiating or ‘underlying’ reason for dying, however dying certificates additionally comprise different info that may be helpful in understanding why a dying occurred.”

“For instance, whereas the underlying reason for dying for an individual is likely to be coronary coronary heart illness, the dying certificates may also document the well being situation that led on to dying, akin to acute myocardial infarction (coronary heart assault). Different situations that considerably contributed to the dying akin to hypertension, diabetes, alcohol use issues, COVID-19 and different contextual components may additionally be recorded on the dying certificates.”

The report reveals that 4 in 5 deaths concerned multiple trigger and nearly one-quarter of deaths had 5 or extra causes recorded.

Whereas CHD was the most typical underlying reason for dying of Australians in 2022 (chargeable for 1 in 10 deaths), it was concerned in lots of extra deaths (1 in 5) when contemplating the entire info included on the dying certificates. Dementia (18%), hypertension (12%), cerebrovascular ailments and diabetes (each 11%) had been different widespread situations concerned in deaths.

The commonest situations contributing to dying sometimes replicate continual ailments and danger factor-related well being situations and included hypertension (8%), diabetes (7%) and CHD (6%). Substance use issues akin to alcohol (2.0%), tobacco (1.3%) and different medicine (1.6%) had been extra widespread contributory situations for males, whereas dementia (7%) and musculoskeletal situations akin to osteoporosis (1.9%) and osteoarthritis (1.5%) had been extra widespread contributory situations for females.

The commonest direct causes of dying (those who finally finish an individual’s life) had been decrease respiratory infections (8%), cardiac/respiratory arrest (7%) and sepsis (6%).

What Australians die from varies vastly by age. For individuals aged 15 to 54, exterior causes akin to suicide, highway site visitors accidents and unintended poisoning had been widespread underlying causes of dying. The related problems from these causes (e.g. asphyxiation, poisonous impact of gear and medicines) had been mirrored in widespread direct causes of dying. Substance use issues, depressive issues, and psychosocial components (akin to historical past of self-harm, intimate companion points and help system components) featured prominently as widespread situations contributing to deaths at these ages.

For these aged 55 and over, continual ailments akin to coronary coronary heart illness, dementia and most cancers had been widespread underlying causes of dying. Direct causes of dying mirrored problems of those continual ailments (akin to infections, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure) and different situations skilled ultimately levels of life (akin to frailty). Diabetes, hypertension, continual obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD) and dementia had been widespread situations contributing to deaths at these older ages.

Utilizing alternative ways of causes of dying can improve our understanding of the roles performed by completely different ailments and situations in an individual’s well being and of their dying. This could result in a greater consciousness of what well being situations have the largest affect on the group and may support well being companies and determination makers in relation to growing methods and interventions to cut back the affect of ailments and promote higher well being.”

Michelle Gourley, AIHW spokesperson


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