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Let’s reduce to the chase — this week, since it’s Valentine’s Day month, in any case, I flip up the warmth with a present that uncovers the secrets and techniques to lengthening orgasms, heightening sexual pleasure, boosting libido, and unlocking the door to mind-blowing ecstasy.

Are you up for the journey? In that case, tune in, buckle up, and prepare for a wild journey that can redefine the way in which you concentrate on intercourse, pleasure, and connection.

On this “Better of Intimacy and Biohacking Intercourse” episode, I unpack a treasure trove of information and unconventional techniques to boost your sexual well-being and experiences. Be a part of this intimate odyssey that begins with the fascinating dynamics of ladies, hashish, and intercourse. Subsequent, delve into learn how to bid farewell to these “magic” little blue capsules and uncover the secrets and techniques to getting higher erections naturally with nitric oxide.

Venturing additional, discover learn how to “Thrust in Time,” a transformative expertise that transcends your sexual satisfaction, expertly defined by Susan Bratton. You’ll additionally uncover strategies to unlock the profound connection between breathwork and sexual efficiency with my visitor Travis Steffens and unearth historic practices that elevate intimate experiences with the intertwining of breath and ecstasy.

Lastly, put together to be enlightened on crimson wine’s stunning results on hormonal steadiness and sexual operate, alongside the controversial subject of how sexual exercise and ejaculation frequency can affect athletic efficiency.

Are you able to problem your perceptions and elevate your intimate encounters? Be a part of me now for a journey via the lesser-discussed corridors of sexual well being and pleasure.

Better of Intimacy and Biohacking Intercourse

Girls, hashish, and intercourse…02:46  


Q&A 431: Psychedelics, Morning Glory Seeds, Bliss-Producing Oils, Hashish For Intercourse, How To Have Manner Extra Intercourse In Your Marriage & A lot Extra!



  • Research: “Intercourse: I Wish to Need It”
  • Some analysis reveals that hashish, for girls, particularly older ones, can: 
    • Lengthen orgasm 
    • Heightened pleasure throughout intercourse 
    • Enhance libido, sensitivity, and arousal 
    • Exhibit a bidirectional biphasic impact on sexual functioning, and even in small doses, improve sensitivity and arousal
  • A girl’s use of cannabis-infused and sativa-based vape (strains like Love Potion, Voodoo, and Purple Panty Dropper) and lube led to mind-blowing intercourse 
  • Ben’s pre-sex energizers
  • Adam Lane Smith“How To Have Manner Extra Intercourse In Your Marriage”
  • Emotional intimacy is a robust aphrodisiac — turn-ons: 
    • Sharing your issues 
    • Asking for options 
    • Displaying vulnerability 

Getting higher erections naturally…09:16  


The Stunning Fact About Espresso & Coronary heart Assaults, How Sulfur Can Rescue Your Arteries, Higher Erections Naturally & Extra With The Pure Coronary heart Physician Jack Wolfson.



  • Dr. Nathan Bryan
  • TheDrsWolfson.com
  • Erectile advantages of nitric oxide tablets
  • Viagra was initially a drug for angina and blood stress however later discovered to be good for erectile operate  
  • Dissolving nitric oxide tablets within the mouth appeared to induce the identical kind of erectile advantages as one thing like Viagra
  • Nitric oxide precursors
  • Males are poor within the issues that improve nitric oxide naturally
  • The oral microbiome performs an important function in changing food-based nitrate into nitrates
  • Vascanox is useful as a result of it comprises potassium nitrate, bypassing the necessity for oral conversion and offering extra potassium, which gives quite a few advantages to the physique
  • An acidic abdomen helps convert the nitrate into nitric oxide 
    • Fluoride (e.g. from mouthwash), excessive chlorine, and all the pieces you eat impacts abdomen acid ranges 
  • Sildenafil permits quicker absorption with out enhancing efficacy
  • Stress and libido
    • Issues with erection and libido are sometimes psychological 
    • For this reason intercourse is healthier throughout weekends or holidays 
  • Below risk, people prioritize survival over different actions, equivalent to sexual curiosity, which may be a results of pure choice
  • Fixed stress in fashionable life can result in diminished libido and erectile operate
  • Specializing in decreasing stress as a main resolution reasonably than searching for methods to “hack the system” or discover fast fixes

Libido in women and men and learn how to “Thrust in Time”…17:23  


A number of, Thoughts-Blowing Orgasms, The Finest Intercourse Toys, Clitoral Pumps, Yoni Genital Steaming & A lot Extra With “Sexpert” Susan Bratton.



  • Hormones don’t have anything to do with libido
  • Easy methods to preserve intercourse enjoyable and all the time new 
    • It doesn’t must be large and overwhelming 
    • Could possibly be a never-tried intercourse place
  • A few of Susan Bratton’s books:
  • 3 concentric interlocking circles:
    1. Libido — body-based power triggers your want for intercourse
    2. Want — the mind is the largest intercourse organ
    3. Arousal — how we get turned on
  • Males get turned on rapidly due to hemodynamics
  • Girls are extra turned on at totally different occasions of the month due to their 28-day cycle, although they might get turned on at any time of the month
  • A girl has 3 erectile tissues within the vulva:
    • Clitoral system
    • Perineal system
    • Urethral system
  • The “Thrust in Time” approach emphasizes understanding the anatomy of the feminine genitalia throughout penetrative intercourse
  • Your complete vagina is surrounded by erectile tissue, suggesting that direct stimulation of the clitoral tip might not be mandatory for arousal
  • When the vulva is totally aroused, plump, and engorged with blood, direct stimulation of the clitoris might not be required for the individual to expertise orgasms
  • Permitting time for arousal and the rise of blood stream to the genitals is essential 
  • If the male companion is already aroused and prepared, whereas the feminine companion shouldn’t be totally aroused, this may occasionally result in difficulties in reaching orgasm for the feminine companion
  • The importance of foreplay, arousal, therapeutic massage, and pleasurable sensations
  • Misconceptions about orgasms
    • A girl can not have an orgasm from intercourse if not totally aroused
    • As a substitute of understanding the necessity for extra time and arousal, there may be an inclination to assume that different actions are mandatory for her to realize orgasm
  • Ben’s Ultrasound Guided Ozone and Methylene Blue Prostate Injection
  • Thrust in Time is an historic Daoist observe that Susan delivered to the twenty first century
    • Semen retention
    • Stamina approach
    • Counting approach (depend by 10s) and stroke approach (shallow or brief strokes) to offer a lady a number of orgasms
    • Unbelievable foreplay to get her going

The correlation between breathwork and sexual efficiency…33:26  


7-Minute Breathhold Directions, Multi-Orgasmic Breathwork, DMT Activation, How He Rescued The Homeless With Respiration & A lot Extra With Travis Steffens Of “The Breath Supply” App.



  • Advisable apps and assets: 
  • Mantak Chia
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams
  • Masturbating as much as the purpose of ejaculation (however not permitting oneself to ejaculate) repeatedly
    • Doing that observe for 30 days to strengthen the perineum 
    • Retaining the power
  • Strengthening the perineum via breath work 
    • The pineal gland holds what we all know because the “God Molecule,” which is dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule accountable for euphoria
    • Placing stress on the pineal gland permits it to leak tiny particulates of DMT 
  • Ben’s collaboration with Males’s Well being journal: “New 12 months, New Dick”

Is wine higher for intercourse…41:24  


Q&A 460: Intercourse & Fertility, Good Medication, Can Ldl cholesterol Enhance Testosterone, The Fact About “Pure Flavors,” Is Nitric Oxide Dangerous? & A lot Extra.



  • Research: “Pink Wine and Sexual Perform in Males: An Unique Level of View”
  • Wine is perceived as an aphrodisiac
    • A potent blood stream precursor
  • The well being results of wine 
    • One to a few glasses of wine could cut back cardiovascular danger
  • Pink wine has a excessive polyphenol content material 
  • Reasonable alcohol consumption has been related to a cardio-protective impact and a rise in high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also referred to as “good ldl cholesterol”
  • Ben all the time chooses biodynamic or natural wine from nations like France, New Zealand, and Italy
    • Dry irrigation strategies lead to greater antioxidant and decrease alcohol content material of the grape
  • Dry Farm Wines by Todd White 
    • Ben has been a subscriber to their wine service for over 10 years
  • Podcast with Todd White:
  • Results of crimson wine on males:
    • Seems to have an effect on follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone, and prolactin ranges, which all assist erectile operate
    • Can improve nitric oxide (Viagra-like impact) 
    • Pink wine appears to extend penile vasodilation, an impact that’s much like what stem cells might do 
    • Opposite to different research, the polyphenol content material of crimson wine will increase testosterone when taken in small doses 
  • Results of crimson wine on girls (low to reasonable quantity): 
    • Greater sexual want and vaginal lubrication (a glass of wine a day)
  • Whereas alcohol usually might not be useful, these with excessive polyphenol content material (e.g. crimson wine) seem to have advantages 
  • Pink wine reveals advantages in male reproductive and sexual operate when taken in low to reasonable quantities
  • Disclaimer: 
    • Persistent alcohol consumption can cut back testosterone ranges, impair spermatogenesis, and reduce testicular quantity

Intercourse earlier than train…49:36  


Q&A 428: Intercourse Earlier than Train, Heavy Vs. Mild Water, Jack Kruse’s Leptin & Vitamin D Protocols, How To Decrease Blood Glucose, Exercising With A Pacemaker & A lot Extra!



  • The age-old query: intercourse earlier than train?
  • Research: “Does sexual activity train hurt athletic efficiency?”
    • The examine concerned 50 bodily and sexually energetic males
    • The intention was to research whether or not sexual activity the evening earlier than would have an effect on athletic efficiency throughout weight coaching periods
  • Weight coaching protocol:
    • Individuals underwent three weight coaching periods, all on the similar time of the day
    • The exercise consisted of a difficult 5×5 routine for the squat, with every set aiming for the utmost weight for 5 repetitions
  • Sexual exercise circumstances:
    • The examine in contrast members’ efficiency after abstaining from sexual activity the evening earlier than 
    • The imply period of sexual activity was roughly 13.8 minutes, with a variability of plus or minus 3.5 minutes
  • Outcomes:
    • When members abstained from intercourse, the imply lifted weight for the squat was round 109 kilograms (240 kilos)
    • After partaking in sexual activity, the identical exercise routine led to a big drop in efficiency, with the utmost weight lifted diminished by virtually 10 kilos (roughly 5–10 kilos, equal to about 235 kilos)
  • Ben’s strategies:
    • For elite athletes collaborating in demanding sports activities like triathlons, CrossFit, or Spartan racing, abstaining from intercourse may be a consideration to make sure peak efficiency
    • Have intercourse, however do not ejaculate

-And rather more…

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