Silver Linings: Unveiling the Hidden Risks of Mercury in Silver Fillings


These shiny, silver “amalgam” fillings.  Many, many people have had them, particularly in case you are over the age of 40.  But, my mates, these seemingly innocent “silver “fillings are crammed with 50% mercury.  (YES, that a lot mercury!)  As a member of the Worldwide Academy of Oral Medication and Toxicology  (IAOMT) I’ve realized simply how harmful these seemingly innocuous silver (mercury) fillings will be to our our bodies.  Let’s name them mercury-silver fillings as a result of that’s what they are surely. They do nice injury to our physique, and our total well being.  I’ve a lot to share with you so seize a beverage (sweetened with xylitol!), get cozy, and browse on!

Mercury-Silver Fillings

Shiny and Harmful

Mercury dental fillings have been in use constantly for over 200 years previous and possibly even longer. In China in 1500’s they used mercury, silver and tin to pack into rotting enamel. The primary mercury based mostly fillings completed had been within the 1800’s combining mercury with shavings from silver cash.  

The thought of blending mercury with silver was dropped at the USA in 1833.  By 1850, it was banned to be used by the American Society of Dental Surgeons.  A professional-mercury group then based the American Dental Affiliation (ADA)  in 1859.  The ADA received that argument and continues to be supporting the usage of mercury fillings even to at the present time.   Extra on the ADA’s place shortly.


Methylmercury is probably the most poisonous of the poisonous metals.  It’s ten occasions extra poisonous than lead.  In response to the World Heath Group (WHO),  mercury is likely one of the prime ten chemical compounds of main well being concern.  It’s a pure ingredient, discovered inside the earth’s crust, which works to indicate not every part that’s pure is sweet for you.  

Mercury is a neurotoxin!  A poison that we knowingly place in our physique!  It impacts the nerves, digestive and immune techniques, the lungs, kidneys, pores and skin, and eyes.  It will possibly focus within the twine blood to the fetus.  It will possibly cross by to the placenta and has devastating results on the creating fetus with connections to autism.  

The WHO does state a significant supply of methylmercury is seafood consumption, nevertheless, they ignore the mercury filling simply positioned in your tooth which has over a half gram of mercury  and emits a median of 13 micrograms of vapor per day. We name them silver fillings to cover the very fact they’re truly nearly 50% mercury. We additionally name them “amalgams” as a result of they’re a combination, an amalgamation, of various metals. The connected picture reveals that on this explicit model of alloy- mercury silver fillings include 40% Silver, 31% Tin, 29percentCopper – and that this mixture of metals is roughly simply over 50% of the filling material- with .53 gm to mercury’s .48 grams. Let’s convert that to mg: 480 mg.

The EPA says the Most Containment Stage for mercury in ingesting water is 0.002mg/L. Let’s let that sink in for a second. Most American adults mercury ranges excede the EPA’s minimal threat ranges for publicity to dental mercury.

Having the Vapors

Whereas Mercury Vapors aren’t visbile, they need to nonetheless be handled with nice care.

Mercury vapors are continuously being given off from the mercury silver filling in your enamel.

Sure, that’s true – vapors are emitted with placement or removing of the fillings, in addition to throughout toothbrushing, chewing,  clenching, and grinding, to not point out when a dental hygienist polishes your enamel!

This video is re-posted with permission from the IOAMT.  Please take the time it watch this video.  See what mercury does to our nerve fibers within the mind at minute 20.

That’s from one mercury filling, and most folk have on common eight or extra.  It was thought for a few years that mixing mercury with the silver,  tin, copper and different metals to make what we name amalgam fillings render the mercury inert and innocent.  That is utterly false.

Right here is a photograph of a mercury-silver filling- the mercury is beading up on the floor of the fillings.

HG in silver filling beading up on the filling floor

Mercury Poisoning

The place does the mercury go that’s launched from these fillings?  Eighty p.c goes to the lungs the place it’s transferred to the blood system and heads off to your kidneys, liver and mind.  It’s been instantly related to MANY continual well being illnesses within the human physique corresponding to Alzheimer’s Illness, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) , A number of Sclerosis (MS), stroke and Parkinson’s.  It’s neurotoxic and kills mind and nerve cells.  It will possibly cross the blood-brain barrier.  It impacts the operate of the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, enzyme manufacturing and lots of hormonal features at very low ranges of publicity.  It makes of us loopy – keep in mind the Mad Hatter?  Whereas Johnny Depp didn’t painting the precise signs of “mad hatter’s illness”, milliners had been truly uncovered to mercury vapors and suffered the implications.  May this be the reason for legal behaviors?  Sure, probably!  It may be related to melancholy, infertility, delivery defects, continual fatigues syndrome, chemical sensitivity, and the record goes on!  Take heed to Bernard Windham or to Dr. David Kennedy.

Mercury, as soon as uncovered, stays within the physique for a protracted, very long time – upwards of 17 years.

The protection information sheet for mercury-silver filling materials says all of it. Mercury is poisonous and deadly. Additional sheets say it’s “very poisonous by inhalation”, “poisonous” and “very poisonous” and “poisonous to the unborn” all beneath the identical column. It’s time for mercury fillings to be discontinued and banned from use in dentistry.

My Mercury Historical past

Way back, (however not lengthy sufficient) dental employees had been taught combine mercury with the remainder of the metals manually. I had a mortar and pestle and combined them collectively.  We had a mercury dispenser, positioned a couple of drops in it and combined it collectively. THEN! OMG! We positioned it in a squeeze fabric and, barehanded, twisted the steel alloy to squeeze out the surplus mercury. My father, the chemist was emphatic that I STOP that instantly.

Mercury sqeeze cloths are nonetheless offered…

 I admit I did that after I was younger, naive and really,very silly.  I do know of dentists now which have nerve points, and at a minimal, their palms shake.  Have they got mercury poisoning? Fairly probably. The dental industrial complicated doesn’t measure or analysis the variety of dental professionals which have mercury and heavy steel poisoning signs.

I lately did a check and nonetheless have excessive ranges of mercury in my system. Since I’ve labored in a dental workplace for over 40 years, I’m not stunned.Vapors journey all through the dental workplace. I’m very involved and will likely be working with my naturopath to take away this from my physique.

The Queen of Hygiene wants a Detox!


Backside line: There isn’t a secure stage of mercury within the physique.  Not for sufferers or for dental personnel.  Most dentists and their employees have poisonous ranges of mercury of their physique, as I do.   New analysis suggests methylmercury causes injury even at low ranges.  Even one small mercury filling is toxic- THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF MERCURY.

Why Mercury Impacts Some Individuals and Not Others?

Simply as some of us can smoke and drink and reside to 90 with none unwell well being results, so too is it that some individuals can reside unaffected by mercury fillings.  It’s due to their genes, their genetic make-up.  There are individuals who can extra simply rid their physique of mercury.  These with the gene APOE2 have the most effective genetic make-up for binding and eradicating mercury atoms into the cerebrospinal fluid and out into the blood.  Nonetheless, individuals with the APO-E4 gene are extra in danger for contracting Alzheimer’s illness – these identical of us  additionally seem to have misplaced the capability to bind mercury.

Additionally, there are totally different formulation that make up mercury fillings.  Within the 1970’s there was a excessive copper-amalgam filling marketed which had a a lot greater launch of mercury into the physique.

The American Dental Affiliation Place on Mercury Fillings

The ADA says there’s no hurt in having mercury fillings.  They are saying these fillings are secure.  They even imposed a gag order on dentists to ban them from saying otherwise.

But the analysis I’ve discovered says in any other case.  Why is the ADA preventing to maintain mercury fillings on the desk?  My guesses – mercury fillings are low cost (a container 50 capsules of silver filling alloy price $50 – on ebay. Unsure that’s the place I would like my dentist to buy provides however nice for price data.) Mercury fillings are fast to put and are long-lasting.  Nonetheless, they might ultimately trigger the tooth to interrupt, (Steel expands and contracts with warmth and chilly, your tooth shouldn’t be as versatile because the filling and could have cracks and should break in some unspecified time in the future.)  

Thus, you’ll want a much bigger filling.  Appears like a win-win for the dental neighborhood.  That is huge enterprise.

The American Dental Affiliation has held TWO patents on mercury-silver fillings.

My different thought is legal responsibility – if the ADA reverses their place on mercury and permits that it’s poisonous, who ought to pay to have these fillings eliminated?  Then there’s the poisonous publicity of all of the dental well being care staff.  That’s one other can of worms.

As well as, there are different teams that declare these fillings are secure.  They’ve shaped a gaggle known as Quackwatch and smear dentists that do query and problem conventional pondering.  The authorized charges from these lawsuits maintain dentists from sticking their neck out and being vocal opponents of mercury fillings, in addition to some other controversial positions.  

Whereas the filling might not be inflicting discomfort, I hear from dentists that there’s usually dental decay beneath these fillings. The widespread chorus from of us who help mercury silver fillings – depart them alone. In case your dentist doesn’t apply SMART removing, then sure, depart them be – till you will discover a SMART licensed dental practitioner.

Right here’s the deal – everyone seems to be free to hunt the dental care they want.  I’ll by no means work in a standard dental workplace that doesn’t take mercury removing very severely.  I might by no means advocate my kids or household have any kind of mercury filling. What I would like for my household is identical stage of care I would like for you and yours.

Outdoors-the-box pondering shouldn’t be ridiculed.  Do your personal analysis and do what’s finest for you and your loved ones.

How Do I Know if I Have Mercury Fillings?

Mercury fillings are… nicely, silver-gray in shade!  For a pair bucks you should purchase a plastic mouth mirror and have a look your self.  Or, you’ll be able to ask your trusty dental hygienist what number of mercury fillings you continue to have in your mouth.  Now, what do you do with this information?!  They should come out safely.

Mercury -silver fillings and decay

Safely Take away Mercury Fillings

It’s essential to take away these fillings SAFELY.   If not, you’ll inhale all of the mercury vapors as soon as the dental drill heats them up.  That drill creates gasoline vapors of mercury and particulate.  Particulates are the chunks of mercury fillings.  Usually they’re left within the mouth, floating round and will be swallowed. Mercury vapors must be correctly addressed so that you and your dental crew don’t inhale them. Vapors are poisonous and cross the blood mind barrier.

Right here’s the factor – the quantity of mercury in a single filling could also be equal to the quantity of mercury in a thermometer.  IF even a thermometer (with .61 grams of mercury) broke in say – a faculty -they must evacuate that faculty, name in knowledgeable  Haz-Mat crew, and take away it beneath these skilled circumstances.  Mercury vaporizes and is TOXIC.

One filling has one half a gram of mercury.  

Regardless, it’s mercury, and your lungs ought to NOT inhale it.  Once more, there’s no secure stage of mercury.

The “SMART”  Option to Take away Mercury Fillings

Be S.M.A.R.T. and Be Protected

Right option to take away mercury fillings requires greater than only a dental drill and excessive evacuation suction.  It requires a full on “SMART” protocol – Protected Mercury Amalgam Removing Method. Be S.M.A.R.T. and be secure.

Mercury silver fillings must be handled similar to the HAZ-MAT crew does.

Eradicating these fillings correctly requires a rubber dam to maintain issues from falling down your throat, the right suction system at supply aerosol evacuation system positioned proper by your mouth, a nasal cannulae into your nostril or different nasal respiratory equipment to forestall your respiratory the mercury vapors,  whereas protecting and defending  your face, hair, physique and eyes.

Your dental crew wants that very same safety.  In the event that they don’t cowl you and them up, I’d advocate YOU LEAVE – instantly, and discover one other dental workplace.   Once I help my dentist in mercury removing, we each put on full-on respirator masks for the drilling and mercury removing.  Very attractive!  Then we clear up, flush tubing, take away the suction filters, and solely then place the brand new, non-mercury fillings.  You should definitely ask your dental crew in the event that they apply SMART mercury removing.  In the event that they don’t know what you’re speaking about, once more, time to go away.   You’ll be able to search for licensed SMART workplaces right here. deal with this just like the haz-mat scenario it truly is – be secure.

Dental Workplace Air pollution

Dental workplaces are chargeable for many of the mercury air pollution into our wastewater techniques.  In response to a United States Geological survey dental mercury fillings are the main reason for mercury air pollution.  That’s loopy!  There’s an estimated 35.2 tons of mercury into our water techniques a 12 months.  That’s 250 milligrams per day per dentist that’s disposed into the waste water out of dental workplaces. It settles into sludge, is then both incinerated and turns into mercury vapor, or used as biosolids and fertilizer and contaminates the soil.  Your dental workplace ought to have a mercury separator and do correct hazardous waste disposal.  Your dentist is “inspired” to apply correct mercury dealing with however wasn’t required till simply recently- 2020.

The place to Go From Right here??!

#1. Discover a organic dentist – take a look at the IAOMT web site for a dental crew close to you that practices SMART mercury removing.  SMART stands for:  Protected Mercury Amalgam Removing Method.

#2. Ask about their removing strategies.  You don’t need them chopping corners.  There could also be an additional cost for the tools and secure removing protocols.  They need to have an amalgam separator, excessive quantity air filtration system, and far more- Learn right here for all the correct protocols.  It’s to your security, and also you’re value it.

#3. Earlier than and after removing they’ll have you ever do a pre and submit operative rinse with charcoal or chlorella.

#4. Ladies who’re pregnant or breastfeeding should have no mercury fillings positioned or eliminated. Both take away the mercury-silver fillings earlier than turning into pregnant or wait till breastfeeding is accomplished. Your child wants you to be wholesome.

#5. Dental insurance coverage might not cowl the upper priced white fillings, so, many people simply get new mercury fillings.  Please, to your well being and that of your loved ones, spend the additional cash and get an improve.

In Conclusion

That mentioned, there isn’t any good dental materials.  Every has its drawbacks and unfavourable sides.  The perfect dentistry continues to be NO dentistry- apply prevention and take the easiest care of your enamel and mouth.  IF you get tooth decay and cavities, hunt down a organic dental hygienist, learn and study.  My weblog affords many suggestions and many schooling on cavity prevention.  If you happen to want extra assist, e mail me.  I’ll assist steer you in the precise path.

Dental Philosophy Modifications

“All reality passes by three phases. First, it’s ridiculed.  Second, it’s violently opposed.  Third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, German thinker (1788 – 1860)

Hopefully we’re nearly on the third stage.  Bear in mind, there isn’t any secure stage of mercury.

“The thoughts, as soon as stretched by a brand new concept, by no means returns to its unique dimensions.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I study extra, I’ll proceed sharing.  Whereas I knew that mercury was dangerous, I had been instructed in class mercury was inert as soon as it has triturated or combined.  Now, with all this proof in entrance of me, I see I used to be instructed a lie.  Would I ever enable my household to have mercury fillings positioned??  

No, not ever!    Stretch and develop together with me!

Maintain smiling my mates!

Barbara Tritz BRDH

Organic Dental Hygienist

Specialist in Orofacial Myofunctional Remedy and fortunately mercury secure.

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