Stability Ball Knee Tucks: Directions and Muscle mass Labored


Take Your Planks to the Next Level With the Stability Ball Knee Tuck

If you happen to’re searching for a killer core exercise that challenges your stability and will get each belly muscle engaged, look no additional than your train ball. The most effective methods to make use of it: stability ball knee tucks — often known as a jackknife. (And when you’ve nailed this one, listed here are different stability ball workouts to grasp.)

Stability Ball Knee Tuck: Step-by-Step Directions

Gif Example of Man Doing Stability Ball Knee Tucks | Stability Ball Knee Tucks

  • Get in a high-plank place together with your fingers instantly beneath your shoulders and your shins on high of a stability ball.
  • Brace your core to maintain your physique in a straight line from head to toes. That is your beginning place.
  • Have interaction your core and bend your knees to roll the soundness ball towards your fingers till solely your toes are resting on the ball, retaining your hips down as you accomplish that.
  • Pause, then slowly straighten your legs again behind you, returning to the beginning place.

How you can Make the Stability Ball Knee Tuck Simpler

  • Cut back the vary of movement of your knee tuck.
  • Use a smaller stability ball.
  • As a substitute of your shins, relaxation your knees or thighs on high of the ball to scale back the work wanted out of your core to stabilize the motion.

Stability Ball Knee Tuck: Muscle mass Labored

Stability ball knee tucks are an effective way to goal your abs, in addition to another key muscle teams.


core muscles | how to engage your core

The primary muscular tissues you’re working throughout stability ball knee tucks are your abs. This train targets your whole core, out of your six-pack rectus abdominis to the aspect obliques to your underlying “corset” abs (the transverse abdominis).

Hip flexors

Anatomical Diagram of Psoas Muscles | Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Your hip flexors, or psoas, assist your abs and assist to carry your knees to your chest. So if the entrance of your hips are feeling sore the following day, that’s completely regular.


shoulder deltoid anatomy | Shoulder Workouts

When you’re holding a plank place, your shoulders are stabilizing your place — and, additionally essential, they’re retaining you from face-planting.

Pin Image of Man Doing Stability Ball Knee Tucks with BODi Logo | Stability Ball Knee Tucks


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