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What’s magnesium malate? 

Magnesium malate is a mixture of magnesium and malic acid, a substance that may be present in apples, oranges, and different fruits. The malic acid ensures the magnesium is extra simply absorbed by the physique and has its personal well being advantages. 

Magnesium Malate vs Citrate 

Magnesium citrate and magnesium malate are related types of magnesium, as they’re each sure with acids (malic acid and citric acid) present in fruits, however have barely completely different makes use of. When you can take both as a complement, magnesium citrate is basically marketed and used for its laxative results. 

Magnesium Malate Advantages 

The advantages of magnesium malate embrace: 

Anti-inflammatory – Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory, which suggests it helps cut back irritation all through the physique. Continual irritation is linked to all of our largest killers, from coronary heart illness to most cancers. The extra we will do to scale back long-term irritation within the physique, the more healthy we may be and really feel.

Fights melancholy and boosts temper – Magnesium has been used to scale back the signs of melancholy because the Twenties, and research have linked low ranges of magnesium with a better danger of psychological well being issues. More moderen research have had outstanding outcomes; one examine discovered that adults taking 450mg of magnesium day by day for 12 weeks discovered magnesium was as efficient as antidepressants. 

Improves train – Magnesium is important for wholesome muscle perform, oxygen absorption, electrolyte stability, and power manufacturing, all of that are important for optimum efficiency. Research have proven that magnesium reduces restoration time and lactate build-up and helps enhance efficiency

Improves blood sugar regulation – Magnesium helps the physique regulate blood sugar and will increase insulin sensitivity, which is important for these approaching or who’ve diabetes. It has even been confirmed to assist regulate blood sugar in kids with kind 1 diabetes. 

Reduces power ache from fibromyalgia – Research have discovered that these affected by fibromyalgia are sometimes poor in magnesium, and that boosting their magnesium consumption (to round 300mg500mg day by day) helped cut back ache. 

Improves sleep – Magnesium is important for high-quality sleep, because it helps produce melatonin. Taking magnesium malate for sleep might help you go to sleep sooner and lengthen your durations of deep sleep. 

Complications and migraines – Magnesium malate has been seen to assist cut back occurrences of complications and migraines. A examine discovered that adults who took 1g of magnesium once they felt the beginning of a migraine assault discovered reduction a lot sooner than another widespread medicine. 

Improves digestive well being – Magnesium malate promotes wholesome bowel actions as a result of it attracts extra water into the digestive system, which helps transfer the meals by the digestive tract. It additionally acts as a pure antacid, which helps to scale back abdomen aches and heartburn. 

Aids muscular perform – Magnesium is important for good muscle and nerve perform, and that features your coronary heart. Magnesium helps to manage your heartbeat, and so these poor in magnesium are prone to expertise irregular heartbeats and palpitations.

Equally, supplementation with magnesium has been seen to assist cut back premenstrual cramps and different signs of PMS.

Reduces blood strain – Research have discovered that magnesium can help in reducing hypertension and early analysis suggests that it may possibly assist stability good and unhealthy levels of cholesterol. 

Protects in opposition to bone loss – Round 50% of your physique’s magnesium is present in your bones and a magnesium deficiency is related to brittle bones (also called osteoporosis). One examine discovered that these poor in magnesium skilled thrice extra fractures than these with enough ranges of magnesium within the blood.



Why does the physique want magnesium malate? 

The physique doesn’t “want” magnesium malate particularly, however it does want a enough provide of magnesium to work optimally so you may reap the advantages we mentioned above. The problem with counting on getting magnesium by meals alone is that it’s usually solely out there in small quantities, and that quantity is dwindling with over-farming. The world’s topsoil is being depleted of important vitamins, which leaves our meals poor. 

Since some types of magnesium aren’t simply absorbed by the physique, taking magnesium with malate not solely offers your physique all of the magnesium it wants, however it ensures it may possibly soak up what you’re taking, too. 

How lengthy does it take magnesium malate dietary supplements to work? 

You’ll begin to see the advantages of magnesium malate after taking it constantly for about one week, particularly for those who take it on the similar time of day. 

When is finest to take magnesium malate? 

You don’t have to take magnesium malate at a particular time and you’ll take it with or with out meals. When you’re taking magnesium malate for sleep, strive taking it along with your night meal. When you’re taking magnesium malate for power ache, strive taking it within the morning or twice a day. 

Can you’re taking an excessive amount of magnesium malate? 

It’s very troublesome to take an excessive amount of magnesium since extra may be eliminated by the physique. If an excessive amount of magnesium is in some way taken at an extreme fee over time, hypermagnesemia can happen, however it’s uncommon. Usually, the signs usually are not extreme and the physique can flush out the surplus magnesium by itself. 

Can I take magnesium malate with different dietary supplements? 

Sure. Taking magnesium malate won’t intrude with another dietary supplements you’re taking and may even assist your physique as a result of magnesium assists in so many bodily processes. 

The place to Purchase Magnesium Malate UK 

There are numerous magnesium dietary supplements on the market, however few are eco-friendly, vegan, and all-natural. Happily, our Magnesium Malate is all these issues and we solely use the best high quality components for our dietary supplements. When you’re on the lookout for high-quality magnesium malate within the UK, discover our Magnesium Malate complement right here. 


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