The Energy of Oxygen-Ozone Remedy


As dental professionals, our objective is to assist allow our affected person to have a wholesome oral cavity. One of many absolute best instruments in our dental therapeutic toolbox is unknown to many of the dental career. It isn’t a drugs however slightly the essence of life itself- oxygen- however even better- tremendous oxygen- within the type of oxygen-ozone remedy.  It’s the most secure medical remedy ever derived, it performs an necessary position in well being, therapeutic, and our wellbeing.


Vitality and Daylight make Tremendous Oxygen-Ozone

O2-O3 is without doubt one of the best oxidizers in nature. It’s fashioned when excessive vitality electrical energy is available in contact with regular oxygen. It converts oxygen to a really unstable, extremely reactive type of oxygen. When pathogens like micro organism, viruses, fungi and parasites are uncovered to this activated oxygen, it breaks aside their molecular construction, destroying them in seconds. It’s the most secure anti-bacterial modality we have now at our fingertips.

It additionally breaks aside the organism’s byproducts and poisonous waste. WIthout poisonous waste byproducts from the organisms, the physique is healthier capable of heal itself. The O3 molecule is unstable. Because the O3 molecule reverts again to O2 the oxygen singlet offers off {an electrical} cost that lyses and ruptures the bacterial cell wall, immediately killing the pathogens. That is the place the magic occurs.

Within the technique of the unstable activated oxygen reverting again to a extra steady molecule, there’s a signaling to “jumpstart” the physique’s antioxidants, improve the immune techniques defenses and improve crimson blood cells capability to ship oxygen to the affected tissues. Extra therapeutic magic.

It’s the finest instrument to create the optimum atmosphere within the mouth and physique.  Medical grade oxygen-ozone kills micro organism, fungi, parasites, viruses, and even prions nearly immediately.  It leaves no poisonous residue- solely oxygen and water. It’s been discovered to be made inside our personal antibodies as a part of our immune system.

Therapeutically, we use between 0.05 – 5% ozone to oxygen.

The Magic is within the Cost of the Singlet Oxygen Molecule

Oxygen-ozone remedy is a pure method to an infection management, wound administration, and tissue restore. Used as a gasoline, it restores correct oxygen metabolism, and will increase circulation. It enhances our immune system, speeds therapeutic, and improves blood circulate.  It has many well being advantages to not solely the oral cavity however the whole physique.

Tooth decay might be reversed by ozone gasoline as a result of it may permeate three to 5 millimeters into the tooth construction and tissues, killing the pathogens, in addition to their poisonous waste byproducts.  As soon as the micro organism and different pathogens in addition to their poisonous waste are eradicated, the tooth can now remineralize and heal itself.

In periodontal illness, periodontal pathogenic microbes and their poisonous byproducts freely flow into not solely inside the dental sulcus however into the physique as effectively, making a cesspool of pathogens inside our blood vessels, inflicting bacterial showers that translocate from the mouth into the physique, getting into the joints, mind, coronary heart, and different organs.  Ozone gasoline, ozonated water and ozone oils assist cease these showers of pathogens that occur with each brush, polisher, or dental process. Our cells include antioxidants that shield our wholesome human and animal cells.

Medical Grade Oxygen-Ozone Dental Magic

Tremendous Oxygen

Do you know:

Ozone therapies change the terrain of the mouth by elevating the pH.

It sterilizes the tooth floor and decay micro organism can now not adhere to the tooth floor.

Ozone stops root sensitivity by killing the toxins within the tooth tubules. Ozone gasoline switches off the painful nerve conduction by cleansing and eradicating the toxins and their waste merchandise out to the tubules. This enables minerals to now penetrate the tooth and remineralize. Ache is significantly diminished, if not eradicated fully.

Ozone can be utilized with dental implants to enhance bone density and the standard of their integration into the jawbone. Due to its capability to kill micro organism, fungi, parasites, and viruses, it retains the tissue round implants more healthy.

Ozone powers up fibroblast manufacturing and stimulates the immune response. It opens up microcirculation. Higher circulation means higher therapeutic.

Spirochetes are immune to hydrogen peroxide however to not ozone.  

No pathogens can grow to be immune to ozone. Oxygen-Ozone won’t ever create superbugs. There’ll by no means be a baceria that’s immune to it. MRSA, Covid and all these different infections won’t ever develop resistance to oxygen-ozone gasoline.

It makes crimson blood cells “tremendous gifted” and improves their blood circulate into the smallest capillaries. It dilates blood vessels.

It helps get extra oxygen into the mitochondria, energizing them. Dental illness begins on the mitochondrial degree. If we will help help the immune system and the well being of the mitochondrial, we will heal our sufferers.

One molecule of ozone equals 3000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine in oxidizing energy. It kills pathogenic organisms 3500xs quicker than chlorine.

Oxygen-ozone therapies are secure.

It will increase dental resin bond energy.

Oxygen-ozone has so many optimistic makes use of in dentistry. Click on HERE for extra O2-O3 data.

Oxygen-Ozone Use in Business

2000 Water Treament Services Worldwide use Ozone gasoline to Cleanse the Water

Oxygen-ozone is used all through the economic world. Your fruits, greens, and water techniques are all purified and disinfected with this gasoline. It’s also utilized in pharmaceutical and the textile industries due to its security and success in decontamination.

Increasing Our Dental Toolbox

As with all new procedures, it requires extra coaching to make use of safely.  Our present techniques aren’t stemming our dental illnesses. We should look exterior our present toolbox to lower the extent of dental illnesses. Ozone is efficient for a lot of sicknesses, and in addition to preventive therapies.  It isn’t essentially a stand-alone remedy however can be utilized along side our different remedy protocols.

Oxygen-Ozone for Public Well being

Ozone is used extensively in different nations all through the world, and particularly in social healthcare techniques as a result of it’s price efficient. It’s the good match for our underserved communities the place tooth decay is rampant. Forty to 60 seconds of ozone gasoline successfully kills the pathogens that trigger decay. Analysis reveals it now permits the tooth to harden and remineralize. Ozone trays are cheap to supply and if finished each three months for quarter-hour, we will cease tooth decay in our most weak populations.

The Authorities’s Involvment

Sadly, incomplete data supplied by conventional instructional establishments has made the media and the general public afraid of utilizing it. The Meals and Drug Administration is blind to its effectiveness.They name it air pollution. Oxygen-ozone is tremendous oxygen. It isn’t air pollution. Ozone truly is the one factor in our ambiance that purifies and cleanses the air. Ozone is the best factor to measure, however we must be completely happy it’s there as a result of it scrubs and cleanses the air because it combines with the pollution.

Historical past

Ozone-oxygen remedy has been utilized in drugs for over 100 years. In 1890, Nikola Tesla patented the primary ozone generator and began the Tesla Ozone Firm. It was extensively utilized in drugs, and was first utilized in dentistry in 1930 by Swiss dentist Dr. E.A. Fisch.

In 1940 the AMA headed by Morris Fishbein got down to remove all medical remedy that competed with drug therapies. It continues to suppress ozone remedy. The FDA nonetheless says there are “no identified medical makes use of” and that it’s a “poisonous gasoline”.  The FDA seems to be blind to the actual fact there are over 31,000 research on PubMed discussing the effectiveness of ozone therapies. There are not any states within the US the place ozone can’t be used. The affected person has the liberty of selection of remedy.  Ozone therapies are utilized by hundreds of thousands of individuals in Europe.

The true “downside” with ozone is it’s a pure gasoline, and its use can’t be patented. It might probably’t generate “cash” and since it’s as efficient as pharmaceuticals therapies, it’s a menace to the pharmaceutical trade.

Extra Dental Makes use of For Oxygen-Ozone Therapies

Dental use of medical grade oxygen-ozone therapies would come with ozone gasoline insufflation into periodontal pockets. Ozone trays might be fabricated for full arch gasoline for each periodontal illness and caries (decay) therapies. Ozone gasoline can desensitize delicate tooth. Ozone water kills baceria and breaks down the unstable sulfur compounds that trigger unhealthy breath, and heals wounds heal quicker. Dental unit water bottles full of tremendous oxygenated water used throughout ultrasonics, air sharpening and drilling reduces bacterial aerosol contaminants and effectively as bacterial showers into the blood stream. Oxygen-ozone water retains our waterlines freed from biofilm and our dental workplace air more healthy. Ozone oils can be utilized for prevention in addition to therapeutic throughout dental hygiene scaling or with fever blisters and chilly sores. Twenty 5 p.c of the time, these sores by no means reoccur! Waterlines in our dental items are freed from biofilm and pathogens when oxygen-ozone water is used within the water bottles.

Quickpass waterline testing reveals clear waterlines in our dental workplace

O2-O3 for the Win-Win

Oxygen-ozone is the perfect preventive instrument as effectively, rising the oxygen content material of our mitochondria. The basic underlying trigger behind all degenerative illness from diabetes to coronary heart illness to most cancers is decreased mitochondrial vitality manufacturing. Ozone can typically right this downside.

Oxygen is Crucial to the Well being of our Cells

We owe it to our sufferers to stay curious, inquisitive and openminded to new or on this case, previous therapies.  Our present system wants assist as dental illnesses have an effect on nearly 50% of the worldwide inhabitants. Oxygen-Ozone therapies are the proper addition to our present dental toolbox of therapies.  Ozone affords a painless, cost-effective strategy to deal with our sufferers with no uncomfortable side effects. It might probably improve each dental process we carry out.

Dentistry would really grow to be minimally invasive and far more preventive if we’d add oxygen-ozone therapies to our remedy protocols.

If you’re a dental supplier and need extra data on oxygen-ozone remedy, please let me know. I stay up for sharing extra wonders of oxygen-ozone remedy this summer time at Endeavor Media’s Below One Roof Dental Hygiene Convention in Denver! It really is a strong therapeutic instrument and a dental well being sport changer!


Barbara Tritz BRDH, Licensed in Oxygen-Ozone Remedy


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