The right way to Do Bow Pose in Yoga (Dhanurasana)


How to Do Bow Pose in Yoga (Dhanurasana)

Bow pose (dhanurasana in Sanskrit) is a really difficult but satisfying backbend. Its problem lies within the quantity of power required of the physique’s posterior.

Equally formed postures like camel pose and bridge pose are sometimes simpler to entry due to how a lot leverage the physique can exert by urgent down with the limbs. Dhanurasana, however, presents solely the stomach as a contact level.

Due to your physique’s relationship to gravity, the power required for bow pose should come from the glutes, hamstrings, and higher again to elevate your higher and decrease physique off of the ground. With repetition and perseverance, your physique will perceive how you can transfer into this pose and expertise the advantages of a extra cell backbone.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana): Step-by-Step Directions

  • Lie face down in your mat, legs hip-width aside, brow resting on stacked fingers.
  • Press the tops of your toes into the ground and straighten your legs as you tuck your tailbone towards the ground. Observe a refined elevate beneath your navel.
  • Carry your brow off of your fingers and elevate your chest as you concurrently agency your buttocks and the backs of your legs towards the ground.
  • Attain each of your arms behind you concurrently, rotating them so your palms face one another, and bend your knees.
  • Carry your chest and legs excessive sufficient that you would be able to seize the outsides of your ankles or the tops of your toes.
  • Conserving your knees hip-width aside, maintain your ankles or toes firmly so the backward resistance of your legs helps to maintain your chest lifted.
  • In case your higher again is transferring effectively and also you’re capable of look upward, give {that a} attempt. Keep away from throwing your head again, and work on transferring your shoulder blades down and away out of your ears.
  • Maintain for five to 10 deep breaths. You may be tempted to return out of the pose by merely letting go of your toes. Slightly than releasing your physique like a slingshot, slowly resist gravity, with the higher and decrease our bodies touchdown on the identical time.

Newbie Ideas for Doing Bow Pose

Play with transferring your focus from opening your chest by pulling your legs farther again. Then, attempt letting your chest transfer down towards the ground a bit to deal with lifting your legs larger.

Brent Laffoon, teacher in BODi’s Yoga52 collection, says, “There’s worth in doing it each methods. There’s additionally so much to be gained by holding your weight centered in your stomach and attempting to elevate each the legs and the chest evenly.”

The right way to Make Bow Pose Simpler

Image of Modification to Locust Pose | Locust Pose

  • As an alternative of bending your knees and reaching to your ankles, maintain your legs straight and strengthen them by urgent them into the ground and strongly partaking your glutes. This teaches you how you can assist and lengthen your decrease again, relatively than hinging on the lumbar backbone, probably the most susceptible and sometimes injured a part of the backbone.
  • Working your legs straight, observe numerous arm positions:
    • Interlace your fingers behind your again and work to elevate your chest up by pulling your arms again (also called certain locust pose).
    • Prolong your arms straight behind you, and press your palms strongly down into the ground to elevate the fronts of your shoulders. Transfer your shoulder blades towards one another, spreading your collarbones broad aside.
  • To switch the total pose, place an extended bolster or two folded blankets beneath the tops of your thighs. Beginning off along with your legs already lifted shortens the space wanted to succeed in your toes.

The right way to Deepen Bow Pose

Man Does Bow Pose | Backbends

  • Slightly than pushing your self additional into bow pose, attempt holding it longer. Then observe popping out of the pose as slowly and gracefully as potential.
  • As soon as coming into and exiting bow pose turns into extra easy, proceed to deepen dhanurasana by lifting your toes and the crown of your head towards one another, creating a fair larger vertical line.
  • Attempt taking the pose to the aspect into parsva dhanurasana, or aspect bow. Sustaining the grip in your ankles, gently rock over utterly to at least one aspect. On this very totally different relationship with gravity, really feel the ground beneath your aspect physique and tighten up the pose, tucking your tailbone and opening your chest much more. With even quantities of momentum and management, rock again onto your stomach, take a full cycle of breath, then gently rock to the opposite aspect.


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