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Ahh, the common-or-garden pullup. It by no means lies to you—you’ll be able to both do it or not, and there’s no “it’s all you, bro” because the spotter typically peels the bar from the lifter’s chest. As nice because the overhead and bench press are for the higher physique, pullups and chinups are the most effective upper-body relative energy checks ever. Like I stated, it’s all you, however there are a number of pullup and chinup variations that may construct your higher physique strentch more practical than your normal pullup living proof the change grip pullup.

This basic variation will get uncared for at instances despite the fact that it could be the most effective pullup variation that you just’ve missed and your higher physique energy is in determined want of. So let’s dive into the most effective pullup variation you aren’t doing: the change grip pullup.

What’s the Swap Grip Pullup

All the pieces else in regards to the change grip pullup is identical as a normal chinup/pullup, besides for 2 essential variations. First, it’s the grip with one hand overhand and the opposite underhand. Second, this variation engages the obliques extra as a result of pulling with a combined grip causes the higher physique to rotate to at least one aspect, and your love handles cease this from taking place.

The right way to Carry out The Swap Grip Pullup

Right here’s the strategy for performing the change grip pullup with correct type.

  1. Take a shoulder-width underhanded grip with one hand and an overhand grip with the opposite.
  2. Grip tight and get into the lifeless grasp place.
  3. Begin the pull by driving your shoulder blades down into the again pockets of your pants. Resist the urge to rotate the higher physique.
  4. Pull your higher chest to the bar, preserving your shoulders down and chest up.
  5. Slowly decrease to the beginning place, reset, and repeat.

Muscle tissue Skilled By The Swap Grip Pullup

Whenever you consider switch-grip chin-ups, you consider a again and biceps exercise. However there’s extra to this than meets the biceps. Swap-grip chin-ups have interaction a number of muscle tissue, delivering a full-body exercise.

Let’s break down the important thing gamers beneath:

Trapezius (Traps):

Originating from the neck right down to the thoracic backbone, they play an important position in chin-ups by facilitating scapula adduction, elevation, melancholy, and outward rotation.

Latissimus Dorsi (Lats):

The lats unfold from the scapula and thoracic backbone right down to the lumbar backbone and fix to the humerus. Their most important features throughout the change grip chin-ups embrace shoulder extension and adduction.


They originate from the cervical (neck) vertebrae and fix to the scapula. They drive scapula adduction, pulling your physique upwards.

Teres Main (Little Lat)

It extends from the scapula’s lateral border to the humerus, aiding your chin-up efficiency.

Scapular & Shoulder Stabilizers

The scapula, connecting the arm bone and clavicle on the A/C joint, anchors 17 higher physique muscle tissue, together with very important shoulder stabilizers just like the Serratus Anterior.


Due to their attachment from the scapula to the radius bone beneath the elbow, they help with shoulder extension and elbow flexion.


Usually neglected in pullups, your abs—together with the rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominals—stabilize your backbone throughout the pull and descent.


Allow a agency grip and help in elbow flexion, contributing to stronger, extra popeye-like forearms.

Advantages of the Swap Grip Pullup Train

Everyone knows pulluups add muscle that can assist you get the specified lat unfold. Nevertheless, switching it up brings three important advantages.

Improved Grip Power

The change grip pullup calls for extra out of your grip by distributing the workload inconsistently between your arms. This uneven distribution challenges your forearms and hand muscle tissue in new methods, resulting in improved general grip energy.

Strengthen Muscle Imbalances

Alternating grips improves muscle improvement and helps right muscle asymmetries. In the event you discover you’re favoring one aspect over the opposite along with your pullups, performing change grip pullups will assist as a result of the underhand grip (our strongest grip), then again, will permit the overhand aspect to grow to be stronger. Plus, you hit the lats and higher again at totally different angles for higher wings.

Diminished Wrist Pressure

The combined grip of the change grip pullup alleviates a few of this pressure by distributing the stress otherwise throughout your wrists. This grip variation advantages those that expertise wrist ache or discomfort throughout conventional pullups.

Fit man working out in a playground outdoors doing pull ups on a monkey bars

Swap Grip Pullup Frequent Errors

Swap grip pullups are difficult; some would possibly take shortcuts to achieve the bar. Nevertheless, to maximise your features, keep away from these frequent errors.

Not Utilizing the Full Vary of Movement

It’s essential to carry out a change grip pullup with a full vary of movement (ROM). Start from a lifeless grasp place with a slight bend in your elbows. You’re nearly performed when your higher chest is close to the bar and your chin is barely over it. In the event you battle with full ROM, pause the set or attempt a regression just like the band-assisted variation.

Not Beginning With Your Shoulder Blades

You’re lacking out on features in case you’re not participating your shoulder blades and the start of the motion. If this occurs, you’re overusing your biceps and underusing your again. To right this, provoke the pull by driving your shoulder blades into your again pocket and preserving your shoulders down and chest up all through the train.

Utilizing Too A lot Momentum

A bit of momentum is okay, however an excessive amount of turns this right into a kipping pullup. Extreme momentum reduces muscle rigidity and might danger joint harm because of lack of management. Concentrate on doing managed reps and never an excessive amount of physique English to finish the job.

Programming Strategies

As a result of grip calls for and the necessity to change sides, this variation needs to be carried out as an alternative of your traditional vertical pulling variation at the start of your program. Minimize the common quantity of chin-ups you are able to do in half, relaxation a bit, after which change grips. That’s one set, and anyplace from two to 4 units of 4 to eight reps is an efficient start line.


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