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In case you’ve ever seen a industrial for a dairy product, particularly milk and yogurt, then you definately’ve possible heard the phrase “calcium” used rather a lot.

Even exterior of commercials and advertising, calcium remains to be some of the recognisable vitamins these days. And many individuals hear it in contexts corresponding to kids’s well being.

And that’s for a superb motive: calcium is a necessary nutrient that all of us have to stay wholesome lives. And regardless of that, the physique doesn’t naturally produce calcium, so we have to purchase it by way of our weight loss program.

However what precisely is calcium? How can it profit the physique? And if it’s so nutritious, how can we get sufficient of it if our our bodies don’t produce it?

That’s what we’ll focus on on this put up, together with different issues you must learn about calcium. So stick round for extra!

What Precisely Is Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral nutrient that performs an important position in a number of physique capabilities, corresponding to blood circulation, muscle contraction, and communication between the mind and different organs.

Though calcium is essentially the most considerable nutrient within the physique, virtually all of it’s within the bones and tooth. Because of this, calcium improves the bone’s structural energy, which is certainly one of its hottest advantages.

Nevertheless, about 1% of the calcium in your physique is saved within the nerves, muscular tissues, and blood. And that 1% is sufficient to participate in a number of essential physique processes, as we’ll quickly discuss.

Regardless of its significance, calcium doesn’t happen naturally within the human physique. As an alternative, you’ll must supply your calcium out of your weight loss program. And as many individuals know, among the meals highest in calcium are dairy merchandise, corresponding to milk and cheese.

Nevertheless, you may as well discover calcium in different meals like sure greens or legumes. Alternatively, you would additionally use dietary supplements as a direct supply of calcium.

Types of Calcium Supplementation

In contrast to different vitamins that are available in many types, calcium is a reasonably easy mineral and is just important in a single type. Nevertheless, it varies in how one can take it as a complement.


There are methods to organize and ship calcium, corresponding to citrate (this put up’s namesake), malate, oxalate, and extra. Nevertheless, solely 4, particularly carbonate, citrate, lactate, and gluconate are predominant as dietary supplements. The previous two alone represent nearly all of calcium complement types.

At face worth, calcium carbonate, also called calcite, feels like one of the best ways to take calcium because it has the best quantity of elemental calcium at 40%.

It’s additionally the most cost effective and most generally out there type in the marketplace, so many “calcium newbies” are likely to flock in direction of it since they hear it talked about rather a lot.

One massive draw back to calcium carbonate is that it’s troublesome for the physique to soak up because it wants abdomen acids to be totally absorbed.

Because of this, for those who’re taking calcium carbonate, you must achieve this after a meal and have a glass of water proper after taking it.

However even once you take these measures, calcium carbonate tends to trigger an upset abdomen, typically with constipation, fuel, and delicate bloating.

Calcium carbonate could also be extra well-liked, however calcium citrate is shortly catching up as extra persons are realizing its advantages. So what’s calcium citrate?

Though calcium citrate incorporates much less elemental calcium than its carbonate counterpart, with “solely” 21% calcium, it’s extensively thought-about the higher possibility for calcium supplementation because it’s a lot simpler to soak up than calcite and doesn’t require excessive ranges of abdomen acid.

The decrease elemental calcium proportion signifies that one calcium citrate pill won’t be sufficient for you, and as an alternative, you’ll must take two. Nevertheless, this isn’t a difficulty for most individuals contemplating the upsides of taking calcium citrate over carbonate.

Because it’s simpler to soak up, calcium citrate is by far the higher selection for individuals with digestion issues, these with low abdomen acidity, or those that take remedy that scale back acidity, corresponding to heartburn medicines.

Furthermore, it’s typically prescribed to senior residents or these with gastric or digestive illnesses, corresponding to irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel illness, gastritis, or celiac illness.

And because it requires minimal acid to soak up, calcium citrate could be taken with out consuming a meal beforehand. So for those who go for it, you’re not restricted by your dietary schedule.

Similar to calcium citrate, calcium lactate could be taken on an empty abdomen and requires little or no abdomen acid to soak up, which makes it handy in that regard.

Nevertheless, its 13% elemental calcium content material is almost half that of calcium citrate, which makes it inconvenient and costly in comparison with the latter possibility.

Calcium gluconate is never used as a calcium complement on account of its low 9% elemental calcium availability. And similar to calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate tends to trigger an upset abdomen.

The commonest use of calcium gluconate is for sufferers with hypocalcemia who require emergency care. And people sufferers typically take calcium gluconate intravenously (IV) for fast supply.


Why Is Calcium Good for You?

As we’ve talked about just a few instances, calcium is a necessary nutrient because it serves an important position in a number of essential physique capabilities, as we’re about to debate.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to simply discover the significance of calcium once you take a look at individuals who endure from calcium deficiencies and the issues they subsequently face, starting from dizziness and fatigue to critical bone illnesses like osteoporosis. However we’ll discuss that in due time.

For now, let’s deal with the advantages of calcium.


🦴Bettering Bone Well being

Calcium performs an enormous position in your bones’ energy and structural stability. And that is no shock when you think about that 99% of calcium in your physique is saved within the bones.

No person is above or under the age threshold for needing calcium. All people wants it from childhood to outdated age.

For example, younger kids want calcium to assist develop and develop their bones, whereas senior adults want it to keep up as a lot bone mass as potential in late life, throughout which many individuals lose lots of bone mass.

Even wholesome adolescents and adults can profit from calcium, which helps them preserve bone energy and scale back the danger of growing bone illnesses, corresponding to osteoporosis.

And it is not simply bones, however tooth as nicely. Sufficient calcium ranges may also help stop and fight dental issues corresponding to tooth cavities, decays, and even lack of tooth. Simply ensure you bundle it with correct dental hygiene.


💪Serving to Muscle Motion

In science phrases, calcium performs a position in nerve capabilities associated to muscular tissues by transmitting nerve impulses to the muscle fiber. Furthermore, calcium helps the myosin and actin contained in the muscle fiber work together, facilitating the contraction and rest of muscular tissues.

In less complicated phrases, calcium helps the protein inside muscular tissues perform its roles. When calcium is contained in the muscle fiber, the muscle contracts. And when the muscle pumps out calcium after utilizing it, the muscle relaxes.

That is essential because it helps with muscle motion.

🦠 Helping Nerve Features

Calcium is a key participant within the “web” of neurons transferring across the physique. Not solely is calcium concerned in transferring neurotransmitters across the physique and transmitting electrical alerts down nerve endings, but it surely additionally performs a task in mind growth.

Though mind growth would not depend on calcium, it will possibly nonetheless profit from it, as calcium helps with cell progress and metabolism.

🤒 Assuaging Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for brief, is a widespread drawback that many menstruating girls face each month. In case your menstrual ache is so extreme that it interferes together with your each day life, then it is in all probability PMS.

However before you purchase an over-the-counter PMS ache reliever or one thing comparable, you must take into account what your physique wants. And on this case, some of the potent vitamins to alleviate PMS is calcium.

One research discovered that taking calcium can scale back the consequences of temper problems throughout PMS, particularly nervousness, melancholy, temper swings, and water retention.

These modifications occur on account of how calcium regulates hormones and nerve capabilities. So for those who wrestle with PMS, you may need to take into account rising your each day calcium consumption.

👩🏻 Sustaining Bone Mass in Older Girls

Some teams of individuals want calcium greater than others on account of their nature. One in every of these teams is older (postmenopausal) girls, whose our bodies cease producing estrogen round age 50, which causes them to lose bone mass and will result in different critical illnesses.

And though calcium is just not an estrogen substitute, it will possibly nonetheless go a great distance in serving to postmenopausal girls retain their bone mass for so long as potential and keep away from growing different illnesses associated to poor bone well being.

🩺 Decreasing the Danger of Colon Most cancers

Though the proof up to now is technically inconclusive, many research have discovered a hyperlink between taking calcium dietary supplements and a lowered threat of colon most cancers, corresponding to this research and this one.

There are numerous extra examples of comparable research, all of which reveal a hyperlink, however an inconclusive one which must be additional researched.

That hyperlink is probably going on account of calcium defending colon cells from being eaten away by bile acids roaming across the digestive tract.

Nevertheless, till additional analysis confirms or denies it, we cannot rule out the likelihood that calcium dietary supplements assist stop colon most cancers as a result of even when it would not, you are still getting loads of advantages out of calcium, and there is not any added threat.

Calcium Deficiency

As we mentioned above, you’ll be able to simply discover how important calcium is once you take a look at instances of calcium deficiency, also called hypocalcemia.

In most individuals, the primary motive for calcium deficiency is a foul weight loss program. Not consuming sufficient meals that comprise calcium or taking sufficient dietary supplements can lead to deficiency because the physique would not naturally produce calcium.

Nevertheless, some situations can result in calcium deficiency, corresponding to age-related illnesses, genetic problems, or congenital disabilities.

Regardless of the supply of calcium deficiency in an individual, it is comparatively simple to get it handled by taking sufficient calcium both by way of pure sources or supplementation.

However first, we expect it is essential you realize the problems of hypocalcemia, so let’s dive in.

Frequent Causes of Calcium Deficiency

As we mentioned above, the most typical reason behind calcium deficiency is solely not intaking sufficient calcium over a protracted interval, particularly throughout childhood when growth is crucial for the kid’s well being.

This does not occur in a single day, although. For instance, you will not be poor in calcium for those who do not eat sufficient dairy for a day. Quite the opposite, it sometimes occurs on account of unideal consuming habits.

In these instances, essentially the most easy answer is to include meals wealthy in calcium into your weight loss program.

Typically, although, the deficiency is exterior of an individual’s management. For instance, suppose you are lactose illiberal. In that case, you in all probability eat little or no to no dairy merchandise, corresponding to milk and yogurt, which occur to be among the richest pure sources of calcium.

In different instances, chances are you’ll be taking an quantity of calcium that is sometimes satisfactory to your age and intercourse, however on account of components corresponding to hormonal modifications or accidents, your physique requires extra calcium.

Happily, it is comparatively simple to alleviate hypocalcemia in these situations by taking calcium dietary supplements in satisfactory quantities.

You may also get calcium deficiency from some much less apparent causes, corresponding to vitamin D deficiency. That is as a result of vitamin D helps the physique take in calcium, so when there is not sufficient vitamin D, calcium absorption is tougher.

And for those who take remedy that inhibits the manufacturing of abdomen acids, corresponding to heartburn remedy, it could be tougher for the physique to soak up calcium as nicely.

This may additionally consequence from illnesses that additionally inhibit abdomen acids or have an effect on the digestive tract equally, corresponding to gastritis, celiac illness, or irritable bowel syndrome.

In case you fall in that class, you would take extra calcium to fight it, but it surely’s finest to talk together with your physician about this risk and see what could be carried out.

Who Is on the Most Danger of Being Calcium Poor?

Though calcium is crucial for everyone no matter age or intercourse, some teams are extra depending on calcium.

For instance, calcium is critical for all kids to develop their bones and develop, which is why many meals firms incorporate calcium in kids’s meals and formulation.

Aside from that, older adults want calcium to retain as a lot of their bone mass as potential. This particularly applies to postmenopausal girls whose our bodies not produce estrogen and might lose bone mass way more shortly.

Signs of Calcium Deficiency

You will not discover signs of calcium deficiency if the case is comparatively minor. Nevertheless, if the issue goes untreated, the signs will worsen over time and result in extra extreme situations.

A number of the first signs chances are you’ll discover are muscle issues. For instance, chances are you’ll expertise muscle aches or cramps, particularly for those who put pressure on them.

You may also not really feel your muscular tissues altogether. Muscle numbness is comparatively widespread amongst sufferers with hypocalcemia, particularly of their limbs.

Calcium deficiency can even depart you feeling weak or sluggish on a regular basis. And we’re speaking excessive fatigue right here, which might result in lightheadedness, mind fog, and even insomnia.

Nails are additionally a giant indicator of calcium deficiency as low calcium ranges can result in dry and brittle nails that break free simply.

Main Dangers of Calcium Deficiency

In case you depart a case of calcium deficiency to its units, the situation will worsen, and extra extreme illnesses will possible develop.

Bone well being might be the largest loser on this unlucky state of affairs. As a result of though the bones retailer virtually all the calcium within the physique, you will have to refresh their deposits if you wish to hold them robust.

When calcium exterior the bones is low, it borrows from the skeleton, making them weak and brittle.

Over time, this could become skeletal illnesses like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

These bone issues additionally have an effect on dental well being since each are so intently tied collectively.

In case you recall from above, we talked about how calcium might be the most effective nutrient to fight premenstrual syndrome in grownup girls. By that advantage, a calcium deficiency has the other impact: it will possibly trigger extreme instances of PMS.

How A lot Calcium Is Too A lot?

The beneficial each day consumption of calcium is about 1,000 mg for adults and 1,200 for older adults, outlined as girls over 50 and males over 70.

There is not any motive to go over this restrict. In actual fact, doing so will possible end in extra hurt as your physique develops hypercalcemia because of the calcium buildup, which may trigger digestive issues.

Your physique might additionally direct its assets to absorbing calcium and neglecting different vitamins like zinc and iron.

Sources of Calcium

Now let’s take a look at among the finest methods to supply your calcium, each pure and supplementary.

Meals Wealthy in Calcium

🧀Dairy Merchandise

This one goes with out mentioning. Dairy merchandise are famend for his or her calcium content material.

🥛One cup of cow milk has about 300 mg of calcium, which means solely 3 cups are sufficient to meet most of your each day calcium consumption.

Milk can be a superb supply of protein, vitamin A, and, most significantly, vitamin D, which helps the physique take in calcium.

Dairy merchandise like cheese and milk have barely much less calcium content material however nonetheless a lot. For instance, a cup of yogurt has almost 250 gm of calcium.

🐟Fish Sources

Though fish meat itself isn’t a supply of calcium, some sorts of fish are. We’re speaking particularly about fish which might be eaten with their bones, like small mackerels and sardines.

Free Tofu emoticons, Tofu icon | Free-Emoticons.com Legumes 

White beans, lentils, and tofu are all nice sources of calcium. One cup of white beans or lentils delivers about 170 gm of calcium, whereas a cup of tofu is “solely” 120 gm, which remains to be a lot.

🥜 Seeds

Many seeds are thought-about superfoods on account of their excessive dietary worth. For instance, only one tablespoon of poppy seeds delivers over 100 gm of calcium. Sesame seeds do not carry as a lot calcium however are additionally wealthy.

🥬 Leafy Greens

We frequently discuss leafy greens like kale and spinach in these weblog posts, and for a superb motive.

Similar to how they’re wealthy in lots of different vitamins, leafy greens are filled with calcium. For instance, one cup of kale has 100 gm of calcium.

Calcium Supplementation

The last word query many individuals face is whether or not to decide on calcium citrate or carbonate. And we’re right here to reply that not with opinions however with science.

Aside from the truth that calcium carbonate could cause a mildly upset abdomen, calcium citrate is extra simply absorbed than calcium carbonate by about 25%.

So though calcium carbonate has the next proportion of elemental calcium, extra of it goes to waste and can be a nuance to your digestive tract alongside the way in which.

As an alternative, calcium citrate is best absorbed, would not require a lot acidity in your abdomen, and would not trigger digestive issues.

That is why we’re comfortable to give you the best and healthiest solution to consumption your calcium by way of our calcium citrate method.

Simply two tablets day-after-day can go a great distance in fulfilling your physique’s calcium wants, all in a cruelty-free and conscientious method.

Closing Ideas

Calcium is a necessary nutrient to the physique. However sadly, the physique doesn’t produce calcium by itself, so it’s essential to modify your weight loss program to eat meals wealthy in calcium or take dietary supplements if that’s not sufficient.

One of the well-liked types of calcium dietary supplements is calcium carbonate. And whereas it has a superb quantity of elemental calcium, it has its faults, corresponding to inflicting an upset abdomen and different digestive issues.

For these causes, we suggest you stick to calcium citrate, which is way simpler for the physique to soak up and delivers a superb quantity of calcium.

That is why we’re bringing you our latest calcium citrate complement, which we have catered explicitly for 2 issues above all: well being and comfort.


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