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Vitamin C: Why We Need It, Sources, and How Much Is Too Much

For those who’ve learn quite a lot of well being recommendation all through your life, we’re guessing there was by no means a scarcity of vitamin C mentions alongside the best way.

A whole lot of vitamin C recommendation most likely goes alongside the strains of “A little bit underneath the climate? You’ll discover some vitamin C in orange juice.”, “Down with the flu? Take some vitamin C powder with water.”, or “Are you severely sick? Vitamin C!”

When vitamin C is steadily suggested because the “every little thing antidote” that may alleviate any situation, it is simple to comply with alongside with out questioning what precisely this godsend is. We perceive.

We do not imply to counsel that vitamin C is questionable, however we imagine in well being schooling and love to do our half. And on this article, our half is to let you know every little thing you want to learn about vitamin C. So learn on!

What Precisely Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid or ascorbate, is a necessary nutrient that consultants agree is among the many most secure and healthiest vitamins on the market. It’s additionally water-soluble, and the physique doesn’t retailer it, so that you want common ample vitamin to keep up good ranges of vitamin C.

However why is it so extensively fashionable? For starters, vitamin C is a necessary participant in lots of bodily processes, most notably boosting the immune system perform, serving to restore physique tissues, supporting the manufacturing of some neurotransmitters, and appearing as an antioxidant.

In less complicated phrases, vitamin C is usually really helpful as a result of it helps the physique in treating and stopping many circumstances.

Secondly, you may at all times profit from extra vitamin C so long as you do not go overboard with it, type of like water. Many medical professionals discover {that a} larger stage of vitamin C within the blood signifies good general well being.

If all that sounds too sciencey, don’t be concerned, as we’ll get into the advantages of vitamin C intimately quickly.

What Is Vitamin C Good For?

Now let’s have a look at a few of the largest advantages of vitamin C.

Immune System Advantages

Vitamin C boosts the physique’s immunity towards illnesses by two most important methods: immediately supporting the physique’s immune system as a construction and appearing as an antioxidant.

Maybe the preferred advantage of vitamin C is its direct constructive impact on the immune system, innate and adaptive. As well as, vitamin C is tasked with vital roles equivalent to killing microbes, defending the tissues from extreme injury, and supporting many immune cell capabilities.

Vitamin C boosts plasma ranges within the blood as effectively, which improves the absorption of vitamins, hormones, and proteins to the physique components that want it most. It additionally helps the physique eliminate waste and improves blood circulation all through the physique.

Secondly, the potent antioxidant properties of vitamin C assist the physique’s immunity as effectively.

The physique often incorporates some dangerous substances referred to as free radicals that roam round, damaging cells and tissues. If left to its personal gadgets, free radicals may trigger critical well being illnesses like coronary heart illnesses or most cancers.

That is why antioxidants are important for good well being, and vitamin C is wealthy in antioxidant properties.

Enhancing Mind Perform

Vitamin C performs a necessary function in creating enzymes that produce neurotransmitters, that are answerable for sending messages between the mind and the remainder of the physique.

Extra wholesome neurotransmitters within the physique make this communication extra environment friendly, and cognitive perform will increase.

For reference, a 2017 analysis article printed by Vitamins confirmed that folks with extra intact cognitive perform had larger ranges of vitamin C than these with impaired cognitive capability. And though this isn’t onerous science but, and extra analysis is required, we imagine we are able to conclude from these outcomes.

Anti-Growing older Advantages

Vitamin C is important in collagen manufacturing in pores and skin cells, and the physique will depend on vitamin C for this objective.

Collagen is a pure filling substance in your pores and skin, primarily a cushioning that makes your pores and skin look agency and younger.

Throughout youth, collagen is plentiful within the pores and skin, however as we age, its manufacturing declines, which is without doubt one of the causes wrinkles and high quality strains begin to seem. Nonetheless, holding your physique stocked up with vitamin C can enhance collagen manufacturing and decelerate anti-aging.

Furthermore, the antioxidant properties of vitamin C come to the rescue once more. Vitamin C can decelerate getting old by neutralizing the free radicals within the pores and skin that trigger oxidative stress, which dulls the pores and skin and should result in untimely getting old.

The Greatest Vitamin C Sources

The beauty of vitamin C is that it’s naturally current in lots of meals, particularly the wholesome ones we often eat, so most individuals don’t have a difficulty getting ample vitamin C every single day.

For reference, the really helpful every day consumption of vitamin C is 90 milligrams for grownup males and 65 milligrams for grownup girls. See a desk of really helpful intakes for every particular demographic group right here.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know the favored meals richest in vitamin C so you may resort to them if you want to. So let’s get into it.

Pure Sources


Orange and different citrus fruits are historically well-known as sources of vitamin C, and it’s true. For instance, a medium-sized orange incorporates 70 mg of vitamin C, a grapefruit incorporates 88 mg, a mandarin 24 mg, and a lime 13 mg.

Lemons are additionally a best choice for vitamin C consumption. A mean-size entire lemon, together with its peel, incorporates 80+ mg of vitamin C. After all, we don’t anticipate you to eat the peel, so know that lemon juice incorporates slightly below 38 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams which continues to be lots.

As a result of citrus fruits are so widespread, particularly oranges and lemons, they’re among the many most popularly taken sources of vitamin C.

Strawberries aren’t often grouped with oranges and lemons as vitamin C excessive meals, however 100 grams of strawberries incorporates 59 mg of vitamin C – rather less however nonetheless akin to the vitamin C content material in citruses.

Kiwis are additionally an excellent supply of vitamin C, rocking a 71 mg vitamin C content material per kiwi. And keep in mind, they’re not citrus fruits it doesn’t matter what some individuals say or how a lot citric acid is in them!

Acerola cherries are among the many richest meals in vitamin C on the market, with an unimaginable 1644 mg of vitamin C in only one cup. If you may get your arms on some, we advocate you’re taking small parts every single day to succeed in your every day really helpful consumption.

Lastly, we are able to’t ignore guavas as a result of a single guava incorporates a whopping 126 mg of vitamin C, nearly one and a half occasions the really helpful every day consumption. In younger individuals, a handful of items of guava is sufficient to fill their every day consumption of vitamin C.


Now it’s time for the compulsory vegetable part in your well being recommendation article. As a result of sure, greens include a lot vitamin that they make their manner right here as effectively.

We’ll speak particularly in regards to the cruciferous greens you examine all over the place, and hopefully, we are able to persuade you to begin consuming them in case you’re not already!

A cup of uncooked kale incorporates 80 mg of vitamin C, however when cooked, the vitamin C content material drops to 35 mg. We’re not suggesting you eat uncooked kale, as cooked kale has extra antioxidant advantages for you that aren’t value sacrificing for a bit of extra vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli include a bit extra vitamin C than kale, with 98 mg in a single cup of cooked Brussels sprouts, whereas a cup of cooked broccoli incorporates 102 mg.

If you may get your arms on mustard spinach, then it’s your greatest cruciferous vegetable for vitamin C, containing a full 117 mg of vitamin C in a cup when cooked – greater than sufficient to fulfill most individuals’s every day intakes.


Vitamin C will also be present in good portions in some herbs. Though you most likely gained’t refill your every day consumption with simply herbs, they’re helpful so as to add to your meals for that additional little bit of vitamin C.

For instance, one ounce of parsley incorporates 35 mg of vitamin C, about 38% of the really helpful every day consumption.

Thyme can be filled with vitamin C – probably the most packed out of all culinary herbs. One ounce of thyme incorporates 45 mg of vitamin C, about half the really helpful every day consumption. So even only a tablespoon or two of thyme will help your immune system loads.

Dietary supplements

You possibly can at all times use a vitamin C complement in case you’re unable to succeed in your really helpful every day consumption of vitamin C for no matter motive.

The very best dietary supplements are natural and goal to ship the purest attainable type of a nutrient. And that’s what we do with our new natural acerola cherry vitamin C powder right here at Moral Diet Co.

Bear in mind once we talked about acerola cherries above and the way one cup is filled with over 1600 mg of vitamin C? We’ve taken this highly effective meals and turned it into an natural powder with zero components so to take pure supplementation with no unwanted effects.

Only one every day dose supplies vitamin C 250mg – effectively over the really helpful every day consumption and manner underneath the harmful limits, so that you’re at all times within the candy spot.

Additionally, pure vitamin C is best absorbed by the physique than artificial chemical compounds usually present in dietary supplements, which is another excuse we made our powder as it’s.

How A lot Vitamin C Is Too A lot?

Consider vitamin C like water – you want quite a lot of each to outlive and stay healthily. Extra is mostly even higher (which is why we offer greater than the really helpful every day dose), however take huge doses they usually’ll begin to backfire.

The really helpful most consumption of vitamin C is a megadose of two,000 mg, however though the dangers are inconceivable, we’d advocate you keep underneath 1,000 mg to be protected.

Even in case you go over the megadose, you may nonetheless be high quality. Nonetheless, you threat getting digestive misery equivalent to diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux disorder and vomiting, and heartburn.


Fast Information to Vitamin C Supplementation

For those who’re entering into vitamin C supplementation as an alternative of pure sources, take a look at our fast information on the dos and don’ts.

The Dos

To start with, resort to supplementation when your every day food regimen doesn’t give you vitamin C. For many individuals, their meals incorporates greater than sufficient vitamin C, and supplementation can be pointless.

Though the really helpful every day consumption for many adults often doesn’t exceed 100 mg, with the one exceptions for breastfeeding girls and people who smoke, we advocate you’re taking greater than your every day consumption if it’s attainable and handy. Recall our water analogy above.

The Don’ts

Although the really helpful most every day consumption is 2,000 mg, we advise you by no means to go over 1,000 mg to remain on the protected facet.

Additionally, don’t take dietary supplements that aren’t pure or natural, so no components, no sugar, and no preservatives. This implies you’ll must deal with your dietary supplements as in the event that they had been meals, so don’t go away them mendacity round to spoil.

Ultimate Ideas

Thanks for studying our information on vitamin C. To recap, vitamin C deserves its recognition because it performs a vital function in lots of bodily processes. For instance, it boosts your immunity, helps decelerate getting old, enhances your mind perform, and has extra advantages which have all been supported by science and analysis.

For many adults, the every day really helpful consumption is within the 65-90 mg vary, which is of course achievable by way of a nutritious diet in most individuals’s circumstances. Nonetheless, in case your food regimen isn’t sufficient, then you may check out our natural acerola cherry vitamin C powder, which supplies you with an ideal 250mg dose of vitamin C a day.


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