Optimize Libido and Sexual Efficiency


Mendacity face down and buck bare, I grimaced and squirmed on the medical examination desk. Behind me, a doctor assistant clad in blue scrubs repeatedly jammed a foot-long needle out and in of my backbone and butt.

Every time your entire needle was absolutely embedded, she yanked it again out, inflicting a loud sucking sound to emanate from my fats tissue. “It is best to’ve eaten extra doughnuts this week — there’s not a complete lot of marrow again right here for the stem cells.”

Welcome to a typical weekend in my life. The harvesting of my treasured fats was meant to gather and focus therapeutic stem cells, which might theoretically be used to quickly heal my physique ought to I get hit by a bus or endure a horrible illness. However the course of can be used — on this case, together with sexual organ injections, sound waves, and penis pumps — as fodder for a Males’s Well being article entitled (brace your self) “New 12 months, New Dick.”

So, who the heck am I? Some sort of masochistic playboy? A person obsessive about my very own crotch? An orthorexic, hypochondriac hacker preoccupied with fringe medical procedures?


Inside a number of hours of rolling off the examination desk and waving goodbye to the doctor assistant, I stepped onto a airplane to journey house to my spouse and twin boys, my serene farm within the forest, my natural vegetable backyard, my goats and chickens, my guitar, and my quiet, peaceable day by day routine. Admittedly, my house additionally accommodates tens of hundreds of {dollars}’ value of cutting-edge, life-extending, performance-enhancing, cognition-boosting biohacks.

Amongst my forays into relentless self-experimentation, I’ve skilled many twists on sexual well being hacking.

Excessive-intensity acoustic sound wave remedy blasting my crotch? Been there, carried out that — a number of occasions, actually. Digital penis pump? Personal it. Tantric intercourse? Sure, even the entire reverse-orgasm idea. Fuel station dick tablets? Embarrassingly, sure. Pink mild remedy on the balls? A day by day should on the workplace. Platelet-rich plasma injections? Certain.

Now that I’ve carried out tons of experimenting myself, I need to enable you uncover the host of well being advantages of fine intercourse and orgasms for each women and men, in addition to the very best sex-supporting meals, dietary supplements, workouts, and biohacks.

In the end, after studying this text, you’ll have an intimate understanding of optimize your hormones (an important part of libido and sexual efficiency), spruce up your intercourse life, and expertise a stage of sexual well being, intimacy, and satisfaction that most individuals by no means faucet into.

Why Is Intercourse So Good for You?

The enjoyment of getting a wholesome and fulfilling intercourse life is among the most potent methods to reinforce your vitality, confidence, and total well-being. Intercourse is sort of a highly effective elixir for each your physique and thoughts, and I am not simply speaking in regards to the pleasurable sensations it supplies. There is a treasure trove of organic and religious advantages that come alongside for the journey, and so they go far past mere orgasms or the continuation of the human species.

Let me blow your thoughts with a number of of the astonishing perks of getting common intercourse:

  • A strong immune system: Partaking in common sexual exercise has been linked to increased ranges of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that enhances your immune system’s capacity to fend off infections. It is like your physique’s secret weapon towards the widespread chilly.
  • Lowered despair and stress: Intimacy has an antidepressant impact on girls, and it is not only a momentary temper booster. It additionally helps your physique cope higher with stress, retains blood stress in examine, and even reduces stress hormones like cortisol — a recipe for higher psychological well being.
  • Sharper brainpower: Imagine it or not, sexual exercise can stimulate the development of neurons in your hippocampus, the mind area liable for recollections. Plus, it would give your analytical considering abilities a lift. While you bounce within the sack, your huge and little brains are each in for a deal with.
  • Health out and in of the bed room: romp is not simply pleasing; it may possibly burn near 150 energy in simply half an hour (equal to a few chocolate-covered strawberries). And keep in mind, common train has its personal advantages within the bed room, like enhancing blood circulate, which could translate to longer-lasting erections.
  • Ache aid: Oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, kicks in post-sex, lowering stress and selling calm. It is joined by serotonin, endorphins, and phenylethylamine, all of which might deliver on intense emotions of enjoyment, leisure, and ache aid. Some say it even helps with migraines and arthritis discomfort.
  • Candy dreams: After an orgasm, your mind releases a cocktail of hormones that may lull you right into a peaceable slumber, which means intercourse is rather a lot like a pure sleep assist, particularly for males who are likely to toss and switch all evening.
  • Enhanced senses: Prolactin, one other hormone post-sex, helps you perceive and react to smells higher. Subsequently, intercourse is like giving your sense of scent a bit of improve.
  • Anti-aging magic: {Couples} who’ve frequent intercourse have a tendency to go searching ten years youthful than their precise age. Orgasms additionally launch estrogen, which might enhance your hair and pores and skin high quality. Getting it on is the sweetness remedy you did not even know you wanted.
  • Coronary heart well being: For males, common sexual exercise would possibly cut back the danger of stroke and coronary coronary heart illness. Consider intercourse like a exercise to your cardiovascular system since it may possibly assist decrease blood stress, which is nice information for each women and men.
  • Smoother menstrual cycles: Publicity to male pheromones can have a calming impact on girls and assist regulate their menstrual cycles. It is virtually like intercourse works as a pure cycle-syncing mechanism.
  • Prostate safety: Whereas the analysis is not crystal clear, common ejaculation might play a task in prostate well being. It is a subject that is nonetheless unfolding however reveals promise.
  • Being pregnant perks: Frequent sexual activity and publicity to semen would possibly cut back the danger of a critical being pregnant complication known as preeclampsia. Elevated vaginal publicity to paternal seminal fluid doubtlessly reduces the danger of preeclampsia by inducing maternal immune tolerance to paternal antigens. This tolerance might mitigate irregular maternal immune responses and irritation, contributing to improved placental growth and decreased chance of preeclampsia.

How A lot Intercourse Ought to You Be Having? What Science and Historical Knowledge Advise

In terms of the great world of intercourse, you would possibly surprise, “How a lot is an excessive amount of?”

Now, I will not recommend you flip right into a bed room maniac with a penchant for heart-shaped scorching tubs, however there’s an intriguing mix of philosophy and science surrounding the best frequency of sexual exercise and its affect on well being, longevity, and efficiency.

Whereas analysis on this subject is extra strong for males, it is an interesting realm that touches on all the pieces from historical Taoist knowledge to modern-day testosterone dynamics.

First up: Taoist Idea of Ejaculation, an idea that is been brewing within the East for hundreds of years.

It proposes that retaining one’s treasured bodily fluids, particularly semen, can result in enhanced power, psychological readability, and even longevity.

Sounds fairly engaging, proper? The thought is that by lowering the frequency of ejaculation, a person can keep increased testosterone ranges, a ravenous sexual urge for food, and even increase brainpower. It is like hitting the jackpot for vitality.

However what does science should say about this?

Effectively, it seems that every ejaculation does result in a major lack of zinc, and long-term extreme ejaculation would possibly lead to a power zinc deficiency. That is a recipe for power fatigue, psychological fog, and a dwindling intercourse drive.

Nevertheless, it is not all unhealthy information. Analysis signifies that common sexual exercise would possibly assist fight the pure decline in testosterone that accompanies growing old. So, there is a stability to be struck.

In terms of athletic efficiency, there’s been a long-standing debate about whether or not intercourse earlier than an enormous recreation or exercise can hinder efficiency because of a drop in testosterone ranges. Whereas some recommend abstaining, the proof is combined. Some research present minimal results, whereas others reveal intriguing insights. What’s clear is that sexual exercise is not a one-size-fits-all scenario with regards to efficiency.

If you happen to’re eager on maximizing your time within the bed room (and try to be), there are methods to discover, from pelvic flooring workouts to electrical muscle stimulation, and even some tasty snacks that would enable you bounce again extra rapidly for spherical two (you may uncover extra on this subject within the subsequent part).

Ultimately, with regards to the frequency of how typically try to be having intercourse, it is actually all about discovering your personal rhythm — one which aligns together with your well being, efficiency targets, and relationship. Whether or not you are placing historical knowledge or trendy science into follow, the trail to sexual satisfaction is as distinctive as you might be.

Finest Meals and Dietary supplements for Sexual Well being and Efficiency 

Overlook about sketchy tablets, lotions, and lubes — there’s a complete world of dependable, protected, and pure herbs, dietary supplements, and different goodies that may elevate your recreation within the bed room. So, what’s on the menu to spice issues up?

  • Maca: This root vegetable is a libido booster for each women and men. It will possibly even assist with sexual dysfunction attributable to sure antidepressants. Sprinkle a teaspoon to a tablespoon of maca into your morning smoothie or afternoon tea for a nutty taste twist.
  • Cocoa: Low nitric oxide ranges can result in circulation issues and softer erections. However the flavonoids in cocoa, like epicatechin, can come to the rescue by supporting nitric oxide ranges. A chunk of darkish chocolate and a glass of wine is a technique I like to set the temper for an evening of enjoyable with my spouse. I like to recommend attempting high-quality cocoa from Cacao Lab, which you’ll be able to take pleasure in for 10% off with code BENG10, or save on low-sugar, decadent chocolate from Spring & Mulberry (no code wanted).
  • Yohimbine: Discovered within the bark of the African yohimbe tree, yohimbine is a libido-enhancing stimulant. Whereas Viagra and Cialis deal with erections, yohimbine goes straight to your libido. Understand that it may possibly make you jittery, so begin with a low dose and select your merchandise properly. One choice to think about, which I am a private person and fan of, is JOYMODE, a powdered mix of yohimbine, arginine, L-citrulline, ginseng, and vitamin C. These things works wonders (for each me and my spouse).
  • Eurycoma longifolia and Cistanche: Eurycoma longifolia, also referred to as tongkat ali, is a potent libido enhancer for each genders that may increase sperm manufacturing and assist erectile operate. An identical compound that I’ve personally discovered far more success with is Cistanche, recognized in Chinese language natural drugs as “the stalk enlarger.” Legend is that Genghis Khan consumed Cistanche day by day, and contemplating the man’s stamina and that 8 p.c of Asia’s inhabitants are stated to be his descendants, I am a believer on this stuff. I like to combine some up in espresso or tea earlier than date evening.
  • Fenugreek: In Ayurvedic drugs, fenugreek, or “methi,” is hailed for growing virility. It will possibly considerably increase libido and sexual satisfaction in wholesome males. Plus, it is a versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen for dishes like curries, flatbreads, stews, and soups.
  • Osthole: This compound, present in Cnidium monnieri — a plant typically utilized in Chinese language drugs as an aphrodisiac — acts equally to Viagra by selling nitric oxide launch and enhancing sexual efficiency and arousal. It is a multitasker with potential advantages for blood sugar management, cognitive efficiency, and extra.
  • Procyanidins: Present in pine bark and grape seeds, procyanidins can assist nitric oxide ranges, maintaining blood vessels huge and combating sure kinds of erectile dysfunction. Pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, is a well-studied supply of procyanidins that is extra highly effective than cheaper options, together with grape seed extract. A glass of tannin-rich purple wine also can do the trick. My favourite method to take pleasure in purple wine is with assist from Dry Farms, which solely options low-sulfite wines freed from added sugar and different components. Order a bottle now and get your second bottle for less than a penny.
  • Nitric oxide-producing meals: Arugula, watermelon, darkish chocolate, and extra can increase blood circulate and sexual well being due to their nitric oxide (NO). Skip the heavy steak and go for a strong intercourse salad with arugula, beets, walnuts, purple onions, apples, and fenugreek seeds. Drizzle it with olive oil and balsamic French dressing, then pair it with purple wine and darkish chocolate (one in all my favorites is Advanced Primal Darkish Chocolate) for a tantalizing expertise or increase your consumption of NO-rich meals (like beets and berries) with Organifi’s Pink Juice mix (save an additional 20% off all merchandise with code BEN). To assist your physique’s NO pathways, I additionally extremely suggest trying out Calroy’s Vascanox HP and Arterosil HP bundle, which options the proper mixture of compounds for vascular well being. Snag this bundle for 20% off if you subscribe.
  • Different dietary supplements: Remember your important nutritional vitamins and minerals. Creatine, vitamin D, vitamin Okay, magnesium, zinc, and cholesterol-based compounds like DHEA can considerably affect fertility and sexual efficiency. Minerals, which your physique shops over 100 several types of, are additionally key for maintaining your stamina and drive up. A day by day complement routine of those vitamins helps cowl your bases. For instance, BEAM Minerals’ Multi Mineral Answer, when taken day by day, can enhance your efficiency (use code BEN to avoid wasting 20%). I additionally use and suggest JOYMODE’s Sexual Efficiency Booster to spice up blood circulate, erection high quality, firmness, stamina, and efficiency. Give JOYMODE a whirl and use code GREENFIELD to avoid wasting 20%.

Tips on how to Biohack Your Bed room: 12 Tricks to Enhance Your Intercourse Life

Persevering with ahead, let’s delve into cutting-edge methods for enhancing your intercourse life. This consists of unconventional strategies that are not sometimes featured in mainstream magazines, akin to the best sexual workouts, exercises, and biohacks for unleashing your inside freak within the sheets.

With out additional ado, listed below are my strategies for experiencing extraordinary romp periods…

1. Have Your Genitals Elevate Weights

Ever heard of the towel approach? Hold a barely moist towel over your erection and elevate it repeatedly.

Sure, you learn that proper. It really works.

Apply repeatedly contracting your genitals to elevate the towel, ultimately progressing to bigger and wetter towels as you improve your sexual muscle power.

Need one other methodology of “understanding” your penis? Contemplate giving Phoenix a strive, which is a hand-held machine (sure, a penis pump) that makes use of sound wave expertise to work together with your physique to revive optimum efficiency. It will possibly enable you get and keep noticeably more durable, all with simply two 20-minute periods per week.

2. Sleep, however Not Too A lot 

Fragmented sleep and obstructive sleep apnea are related to decreased testosterone ranges in each women and men. A research revealed within the Journal of the American Medical Affiliation discovered that one week of sleep restriction (5 hours of sleep per evening) decreased testosterone manufacturing by 10 to fifteen p.c!

However don’t sleep an excessive amount of: research have additionally proven that sleep’s impact on testosterone has an inverted U-shaped curve. Testosterone manufacturing rises with growing sleep period of as much as ten hours, after which it decreases. Moreover, an excessive amount of sleep is linked to weight problems and despair.

3. Get Lean, however Not Too Lean 

Preserve a wholesome physique fats proportion, which assists in optimum T manufacturing. You would possibly assume that being reduce boosts T manufacturing, however in actuality, being too lean can decrease testosterone ranges, so the objective is not to slim all the way down to pores and skin and bones.

Being lean provides you excessive testosterone greater than excessive testosterone makes you lean. Extra physique fats additionally often will increase aromatase enzyme exercise, which converts extra testosterone into estrogen. Ideally, intention for a physique fats proportion between 8 and 14 p.c to keep up optimum testosterone.

4. Eat Sufficient 

Caloric restriction can decrease testosterone manufacturing as a result of your physique perceives it as an indicator of stress.

And why make infants in occasions of stress and hunger?

Preserve power stability or a slight surplus for optimum testosterone ranges. Prioritize first getting lean after which cycle in higher-calorie days for optimum testosterone manufacturing and upkeep.

If obese, a minor calorie deficit whereas shedding pounds may help. Losing a few pounds slowly, round a 15 p.c day by day calorie deficit, doesn’t appear to have an effect on testosterone as negatively as crash weight-reduction plan does. However when you’re on a day by day caloric deficit, it’s nonetheless advisable to include common calorie refeeds, akin to consuming to caloric stability or slight extra on in the future of the weekend.

Lastly, keep in mind that it’s sensible to faucet into all of the physiological advantages of fasting, notably through day by day twelve- to sixteen-hour intermittent fasts. In case your objective is to maximise testosterone and libido, then merely go lengthy durations of time between meals, and if you do lastly eat, eat a major variety of energy — at the least as many as that you must maintain your metabolic price.

5. Nail Your Macros

For optimum testosterone manufacturing, it is best to not skimp an excessive amount of on energy or go overboard. Moreover, you would possibly need to keep away from extreme protein consumption (greater than 0.8g per pound of physique weight) and extended low-carb diets (under 30 p.c of energy), particularly for these with an lively way of life. And whether or not you are leaning towards a high-carb or low-carb food regimen, it is sensible to not overlook the significance of saturated or monounsaturated fat — all these fat are key in sustaining total well being, notably in relation to hormone manufacturing and stability.

To keep away from extreme protein consumption, prioritize wholesome fat to refill, akin to olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, full-fat dairy, grass-fed butter, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish like salmon (which give each protein and fat).

6. Hydrate 

Even delicate dehydration (1 to 2 p.c physique weight reduction) can increase cortisol ranges and deleteriously have an effect on testosterone manufacturing. As well as, the extra dehydrated you might be, the extra cortisol and adrenaline rise, and the extra testosterone drops. If you’re considerably sweating or in a stage of heavy train, ingesting water or consuming water-rich produce akin to cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, and watermelon turns into much more vital for testosterone upkeep.

My article “10 Issues Your Pee Can Inform You About Your Physique” features a few helpful ideas for utilizing urine strips to quantify your stage of hydration. Simply you should definitely keep away from estrogen-boosting and endocrine-disrupting plastic water bottles (and anything that accommodates the all-too-common components BPA, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and benzophenones).

7. Practice for Testosterone 

Energy coaching is your ally within the love division. It helps cut back physique fats and likewise instantly elevates testosterone ranges — to not point out it boosts your confidence and intercourse enchantment. For finest outcomes, deal with compound lifts and explosive actions.

Comply with these primary ideas when power coaching for optimum testosterone manufacturing:

  • Elevate explosively.
  • Elevate heavy sufficient, however not too heavy (transferring weight quick can have an excellent impact on testosterone).
  • Use compound lifts to activate giant quantities of muscle mass.
  • Concentrate on physique components which have a excessive density of androgen receptor websites (notably the chest, shoulders, and legs), which helps optimize the anabolic response to resistance coaching, resulting in larger muscle hypertrophy and power features.
  • Do dash intervals to maximise pressure manufacturing in minimal time and to activate fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Work on as a lot muscle tissue as you may as rapidly as doable.

Moreover, to develop even higher breath management, extra flexibility, larger cardiovascular endurance, and the flexibility to maneuver power all through your physique (which particularly enhances intercourse), give Kundalini yoga a strive. In terms of intercourse, I’ve discovered that to be probably the most useful type of yoga.

Girls, testosterone is important for you as properly, as it is not only a “male hormone.”

Ample testosterone ranges are vital for muscle and bone well being, intercourse drive, constructing muscle, maintaining pores and skin supple, enhancing the method of fats tissue lipolysis (whereby saved fats molecules are damaged down and launched into the bloodstream for power), and lots of different anti-aging results.

Currently, my spouse, together with a bunch of different feminine biohackers, have begun making use of a dab of testosterone cream clitorally previous to intercourse, for what they describe as a “screamin’ good” orgasm. Seems they’re onto one thing. Train constantly to keep up wholesome testosterone ranges and think about bioidentical hormone alternative remedy (only a contact of testosterone cream utilized vaginally) if wanted.

8. Management Stress 

Power stress can result in elevated cortisol ranges, competing with testosterone manufacturing. Kick stress and excessive cortisol to the curb via no matter strategies enable you to really feel calm and centered, akin to meditation, nature time, breathwork, train, saunas, and adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha.

Personally, I make the most of all of those cures and extra, akin to time spent in entrance of a Joovv purple mild remedy machine (which improves efficiency, restoration, and mobile power whereas lowering oxidative stress). One other one in all my favorites for purple mild remedy is the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket, which helps you get the entire advantages of saunas in a single reasonably priced, moveable machine (use code BEN to avoid wasting 15%).

9. Enhance Androgen Receptor Density

Current in each women and men, androgens are hormones akin to testosterone and androstenedione which are vital for regular sexual organ growth earlier than beginning and likewise sexual growth throughout puberty. In adults, androgens play an important function in libido, bodily efficiency, and sexual operate, and likewise act as precursors to vital hormones akin to estrogen. Androgen receptors are what enable the physique to reply appropriately to androgens. As a normal rule, the extra receptors you have got, the higher your physique is provided to reply to your hormones.

Listed below are among the better-researched strategies to extend androgen receptor density:

  • Quick (not calorie restriction per se, however ample time between meals and a twelve- to sixteen-hour day by day quick)
  • Sip espresso or devour caffeine (about 2mg per pound of physique weight earlier than train)
  • Interact in explosive resistance coaching (brief, quick periods two to a few occasions per week)
  • Take L-carnitine (about 2g per day)
  • Use mucuna (5g or extra), forskolin (250mg of a complement containing 10 p.c forskolin taken twice per day), and creatine (5g to 10g per day)

10. Embrace Masculinity 

Exploring the “manosphere” over the previous few years has taught me rather a lot in regards to the significance of embracing masculinity, together with the necessity to categorical and have interaction in sometimes manly traits and actions like competitors, looking, lifting weights, main your loved ones, caring to your lady, constructing a legacy, and spending time with different males. In actual fact, suppressing these drives can negatively affect many organic features, together with testosterone manufacturing.

To set the file straight: I disagree with the favored manospheric notion that males can function independently with out a female essence, (also known as “MGTOW,” brief for “Males Going Their Personal Approach”), and I’m not a fan of the infatuation with pickup artistry that’s so prevalent on this group.

That stated, I have realized a ton from sources like Future Males by Doug Wilson (and the Canon Press video collection by the identical title), Iron John by Robert Bly, The Professor within the Cage by Jonathan Gottschall, and even The Rational Male and The Approach of the Superior Man. I might additionally recommend trying out the books Match Soul, Endure, and Precepts by (ahem) yours really for extra on the subject of embracing masculinity.

11. Contemplate Testosterone Optimization Remedy (TOT) 

Utilizing testosterone optimization remedy (TOT) isn’t any completely different than utilizing a health-promoting substance like aspirin, caffeine, or antibiotics. TOT can remodel your life by optimizing testosterone ranges, thereby boosting confidence, psychological outlook, and bodily well being. It will possibly additionally cut back physique fats, improve muscle mass, and enhance coronary heart well being. The boys who go down the route of therapeutic administration finally classify their lives in two completely different phases: life earlier than TOT and life after TOT.

Certainly one of my pals, Jay Campbell, is my go-to useful resource on this subject. His guide, The Testosterone Optimization Bible, and my current podcast with him are nice sources for all the pieces testosterone-related.

Moreover, enclomiphene is an alternate for these involved about fertility and testicular shrinkage; research present it may possibly successfully restore testosterone ranges whereas sustaining fertility. Contemplate attempting Maximus’s Oral TRT+ Protocol, which options enclomiphene in its breakthrough formulation that delivers a singular launch of testosterone designed to enhance your power and physique composition with out impacting your fertility, liver, kidney, or testicular dimension.

12. Inject Stem Cells for Erectile Operate

In 2017, the European Affiliation of Urology revealed trial outcomes exhibiting that stem cells can restore adequate erectile operate to permit beforehand impotent males to have spontaneous intercourse. It labored for eight of twenty-one sufferers, and it’s the primary time that such remedy has enabled males affected by erectile dysfunction (ED) to have intercourse while not having different medicines, injections, or implants. 

I underwent the identical fat-sucking, stem cell harvesting process mentioned within the aforementioned research. This concerned the removing of my adipose tissue, and stem cells had been remoted and combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP is a sort of plasma that has the next focus of platelets (small blood cells containing important proteins for tissue restore and regeneration) than common blood.

PRP injections can deal with the penis, however I needed to look ahead to my stem cells to multiply. After researching clinics, I discovered one in Spokane, the place my stem cells had been shipped. The process was fast, and my outcomes had been undoubtedly constructive and noticeable, together with elevated dimension and firmness. Whereas there are issues in regards to the security and efficacy of penile stem cell injections, PRP injections are thought-about typically protected.

Uncover Extra About Pleasure, Sexual Well being, and Biohacking with Boundless 

There you have got it, my good friend — whether or not you are aiming so as to add some spice to your relationship or are keen to find extra in regards to the fascinating realm of sexual satisfaction, I hope you discovered this text to be each enlightening and useful. 

Additionally, when you loved this text, this is a secret… 

That is only a snippet of “Intercourse: Tantra, Orgasms, Libido, Sexual Satisfaction, Hormones, and Past” — a complete chapter devoted to elevating your sexual well being, pleasure, connection, and intimacy in my best-selling guide, Boundless.

With Boundless, anticipate a groundbreaking information for complete human optimization that’s meticulously crafted to unravel the mysteries of your mind, elevate your bodily prowess, and ignite your religious vitality. Whether or not you aspire to sculpt muscle, incinerate fats, prolong your lifespan, take pleasure in mind-blowing intercourse, or increase resilient youngsters, Boundless gives you a compass for peak efficiency in each side of your life.

You possibly can safe your copy of Boundless proper right here. Or, when you’re simply wanting to delve into extra recommendations on biohacking your method to a incredible intercourse life, discover these sources:

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